Sony Accelerates Push into PC Gaming and Live Services with Bungie at the Helm

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced a significant shift in its game distribution strategy. According to its Game & Network Services Segment, by 2025, 40% of Sony’s first-party games will be available on PC, while half of all future PlayStation Studios releases will be exclusive to the PS5.

This new strategy echoes sentiments shared by Jim Ryan, the CEO of SIE, who emphasized Sony’s commitment to the PC platform. While the PS5 will remain the premier platform for new releases, Sony aims to expand the accessibility of its first-party games by porting them to PC. This means that a significant percentage of Sony’s acclaimed game library will eventually reach the PC platform.

The company’s decision comes from rumors that specific PS5 titles, like Ratchet & Clank, Horizon Forbidden West, and Gran Turismo, might soon have PC versions. The prospective ports are expected to bolster the presence of Sony’s first-party games on PC, and fans are hopeful that the company’s studios will deliver high-quality conversions.

Another significant part of Sony’s strategic shift is its growing focus on live service games, with Destiny developer Bungie via VGC, playing a crucial role in vetting upcoming projects. Sony’s acquisition of Bungie in the summer of 2022 was seen as a move to gain valuable insight into the successful development and management of live service games.

By the end of March 2026, Sony plans to have 12 live service titles on the market, a significant increase from the three it had during the previous business year. This expansion is reflected in the company’s projected budget allocation, with live service games expected to account for 60% of its annual game development budget.

Bungie’s involvement goes beyond simply providing guidance. The studio is also expected to actively participate in reviewing all twelve live service titles currently in production. These include an online version of The Last of Us, an online Horizon game, and an original IP from Sony’s London Studio.

Furthermore, Sony aims to leverage its marketing capabilities to increase the global reach of Bungie’s IPs, particularly in Europe and Asia, where Bungie’s presence has traditionally been underexploited. In addition to these game distribution and development changes, Sony is exploring opportunities to bring Bungie’s IPs to non-game media, emphasizing the importance of further expanding the audience reach of their games.

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