Temtem Update 1.4 Will Introduce New Balancing Changes

Temtem update 1.4 is set to introduce various changes to the game that will significantly impact the overall playing experience. Plenty of changes are queued, but let’s see a couple below. One of the primary focuses of this patch is to improve the Stall archetype. The developers aim to create a more engaging and interactive experience for players by balancing defensive and offensive strategies.

To achieve this, the team has reviewed every support and some bulky offense Temtem, establishing rules or checks to ensure they are all evaluated under the same criteria. These rules address overlapping effects, high-hold techniques, cheap, efficient options, doom, and offensive coverage.

Overlapping effects will be avoided unless they serve Temtem’s theme. For instance, Kinu will lose Lullaby but keep Hypnosis, as sleep is not an essential tool for its main kits. High-hold techniques will be included to help the Temtem in its role, with at least one high-hold technique per Temtem.

Cheap techniques that deal minor damage but offer utility by applying status conditions or additional effects, such as debuffs, will be necessary for the reviewed Temtem. Stall Temtem will use these techniques to pressure opponents over time and set up for a win later in the game.

The developers also aim to make Doom feel more like the “finisher” mechanic it was intended to be. Changes are being made to Purgation and other techniques to help achieve this, along with introducing new tools for dealing with Doom.

Furthermore, the reviewed Temtem will be encouraged to have offensive options. The utility is essential, but having techniques that can deal damage while supporting an ally or pressuring a rival is also necessary. For example, Grumper will now learn Tesla Prison, a moderate damage Electric technique that helps its allies be faster than opponents and works well with Grumper’s Inductor trait.

To give them a new performance layer, stat changes will also be made to Misogi and Laundry. Misogi now only removes negative stage changes with its Synergy effect, while Laundry removes only positive stage modifications from the target once its Synergy is activated. A new technique called Composure has been added, which removes all status conditions and stage changes from every Temtem on the battlefield, albeit with a high hold.

The team has been testing these changes for several weeks and is optimistic about their impact on the game. They also examine problematic gears like Redirection Device, Slingshot, and Hacked Microchip.

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