Xbox Drops a Hint at a Fable Revival

Microsoft’s Xbox has been stirring something, posting an intriguing teaser that suggests a possible Fable announcement during the upcoming Xbox Games Showcase. Fans of the iconic series have been quick to draw comparisons between the posted clip and the distinct elements of Fable, creating a whirlwind of speculation in gaming circles.

In the clip shared by the main Xbox Twitter account (found below), we see a glittery trail moving through a house, leading from a controller to a monitor displaying the Xbox Games Showcase art. The sparkly trail is reminiscent of the waypoint system used in the Fable games, and the accompanying fairytale music is strikingly similar to the Fable series’ soundtrack. Both elements have heightened the expectation for a revival of the beloved franchise.

Listen to the Oakfield track from Fable’s soundtrack, and the similarities are apparent. But in gaming, speculation should always be treated with salt. Playground Games have confirmed the development of a new Fable game. Considering the timeline, it’s safe to say that the fans are overdue for another glimpse into the cheeky fantasy RPG.

The original Fable series, developed by Lionhead Studios before it was shut down, was universally loved for its unique RPG elements and funny narrative. The games allowed you to chart your course as either a hero or a villain, engaging in everything from gallant quests to chicken-kicking tournaments. The game’s signature humor, sometimes bordering on the ridiculous, made it a standout among RPGs.

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