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Apex Legends “S18 Won’t Have a New Legend, Revenant Will be Reworked Instead”

Many Apex Legends players might get confused with the Revenant Reborn situation, but worry not, we got you covered.

Apex Legends “S18 Won’t Have a New Legend, Revenant Will be Reworked”

Apex Legends S18 won’t bring new Legends for players to enjoy, instead, Revenant will be reworked, says Osvaldotore. He continues, explaining that this skin could be a Bundle skin, not a Prestige Skin.

Legendary Skins: These are the highest-tier skins in the game and are often visually distinct from the default skins. Legendary skins can be obtained through various means, such as through Apex Packs, the in-game store, or as rewards for completing Battle Pass tiers.

Event Skins: These are limited-time skins that are usually released during special in-game events or themed collections. Event skins often have unique designs and may include additional cosmetic effects or animations. They can be obtained through event-specific Apex Packs or by spending in-game currency.

Battle Pass Skins: The Battle Pass is a seasonal progression system that allows players to unlock various rewards as they level up. Battle Pass skins are exclusive to that particular season and can only be earned by progressing through the Battle Pass tiers. These skins are available to all players who have purchased the Battle Pass for that season.

Heirloom Skins: Heirloom skins are extremely rare and highly sought-after cosmetic items in Apex Legends. They come in the form of melee weapon skins, along with a unique melee animation and a banner pose. Heirloom skins can only be obtained through Heirloom Shards, which are earned by opening Apex Packs.

It’s important to note that Apex Legends regularly introduces new skins and cosmetic items, so the specific terminology and types of skins available may change over time.

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