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Codemasters Releases First Major Patch for F1 23, 1.05 Fixes and Improvements Detailed

Codemasters has released the first significant patch, v1.05, for their recently launched racing simulation, F1 23. The update comes in response to several technical issues the player community faces since the game’s release. It brings forth a range of fixes designed to enhance the gameplay experience.

The v1.05 patch is set to be available for download across all platforms – Xbox, PlayStation, and PC – within the next few days. Here is a detailed look at what players can expect from this update. One key issue addressed in this patch is the flawed system in the Two Player Career mode, which erroneously used equal performance instead of realistic performance. This adjustment aims to provide a more realistic and competitive gaming experience for pairs embarking on their F1 career journey together.

The patch also fixes an issue in 25% short race distances where the Safety Car and Formation Lap were previously disabled. Additionally, players facing unexpected removal from Multiplayer lobbies while interacting with some system menus can expect an end to these abrupt gaming interruptions.

F1 23 1.05 Patch Notes

Issues with red flags, equal performance in two-player Career, and more have been addressed

Here are the changes:

  • Fixed an issue where Two Player Career was incorrectly using equal performance instead of realistic performance
  • Fixed an issue where Safety Car and Formation Lap were disabled in 25% short race distances
  • Fixed an issue where players could be removed from Multiplayer lobbies when interacting with some system menus
  • Fixed an issue where some players could experience FPS drops at night races
  • Fixed an issue where cars would incorrectly collide when the setting ‘Collisions off for first lap only’ was enabled
  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash with an additional career F2 save active
  • Fixed an issue where finishing positions would be incorrect after a Red Flag
  • Fixed an issue where TrueForce was not applied for Logitech wheels on Playstation and PC
  • Fixed an issue where the car would hit a wall driving out of the 11th garage at Monaco causing damage
  • Fixed an issue where switching between ‘Performance’ and ‘Quality’ graphics modes caused FPS issues on Xbox Series X
  • Fixed an issue when an F1 World goal expires while a bonus goal is active resulting in an error message
  • Corrected the ‘Renault Driver Academy’ to the ‘Alpine Driver Academy’ in Single Player Career
  • Fixed an issue where, with certain settings enabled, the Virtual Rear View Mirror would be present when looking backwards
  • Fixed an issue where sponsors decals would not appear on race suits and helmets in My Team
  • Fixed an issue where players were getting stuck on the grid in Chapter 7 in Braking Point
  • Fixed an issue where the strategy change after damage wouldn’t appear on the Voice Command display
  • General Stability Improvements
  • Various Minor Fixes
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