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DayZ Gets Stable Update 1.21, Patch Notes and more

Bohemia Interactive has recently released DayZ Update 1.53. This update introduces patch 1.21 hotfix 1 to all platforms. This update addresses a handful of issues.

Remember that this is a stable update, not the Experimental branch, which means live servers are impacted. For the complete patch notes, check below:

PC Stable 1.21 Update 2 – Version 1.21.156243 (Released on 06.06.2023)



  • In the French localization of the logout timer, minutes and seconds were swapped
  • The player camera would be misplaced after swimming (,
  • The loaded state of the crossbow was not properly reflected when carried on the player’s back (
  • Other players could hear characters groan in pain after falling, even if this sound wasn’t played for that player (
  • Bolts stuck in infected and animals could not be taken into hands directly (
  • Switching items right after cutting down a tree could result in desynchronization (
  • Ammunition piles outside of the player’s network bubble could desynchronize (,,
  • Items inside waterproof gear could get wet (
  • Vehicle parts on truck wrecks were spawning badly rotated
  • Items spawn points were misaligned in various buildings


  • Reduced the volume of the thirst indication sounds


  • Fixed: Vehicle parts on truck wrecks were spawning badly rotated
  • Fixed: Items spawn points were misaligned in various buildings


  • Fixed: Wood & rock mining deleted objects spawned by Object Spawner

  • Fixed: Loot spawned through the Object Spawner did not despawn if moved (
  • Fixed: Items spawned by the Object Spawner had incorrect positions (,
  • Fixed: Admin kill logs did not include hitzone and caliber information (,


  • Fixed: IsWell returns correct value based on WaterSourceObjectType (
  • Fixed: Some 1.21 items were missing their respective script classes.


  • Admin logs are not writing deaths by AI correctly

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