F1 23 Set to Thrill Fans with Advanced Ray Tracing Features and DLSS 3 Support

Codemasters has officially confirmed that the upcoming Formula 1 game, F1 23, will fully load several Ray Tracing features, including the Dynamic Diffuse Global Illumination. This major tech announcement marks a significant leap forward for the franchise, and fans should expect an immersive gaming experience with superior graphics.

The F1 series, renowned for its realistic and immersive simulation of the high-octane sport, has set a new benchmark by becoming the first to support Ray Tracing Global Illumination. F1 23 will also feature Ray Tracing Shadows, Reflections, and Ambient Occlusion, which are expected to enhance the game’s overall visual appeal and realism significantly.

This advanced graphics technology simulates the real-life behavior of light, casting realistic shadows and reflections that interact dynamically with the virtual environment. The effect of these Ray Tracing capabilities should be a stunningly lifelike rendition of the world’s most famous race tracks, pushing the boundaries of realism in racing games.

It’s also worth mentioning that the previous installment, F1 22, demonstrated impressive performance on PC, even running smoothly at 4K resolutions. This bodes well for the upcoming game since NVIDIA added support for Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) 3 via a post-launch update for F1 22. With this support expected from the outset for F1 23, gamers should anticipate an optimal balance of high resolution, detail, and performance.

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