Forever Skies is a Post-Apocalyptic Survival Game Set to Launch in Early Access

A newly announced title in the survival game genre, Forever Skies, is ready to take flight as an Early Access game on PC via Steam. Set to launch on June 22, this exciting game is being developed by Far From Home, a Poland-based experienced game development team. They have also announced plans for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series versions, which are expected to be released concurrently with the game’s full launch.

The developers, Far From Home, are no strangers to game development. They are a team of experienced developers based in Wroclaw, Poland, with credentials that include work on popular titles like the Dying Light series, Divinity Original Sin series, The Medium, Outriders, and League of Legends, among others. This team’s experience and creativity hold promise for a unique and engaging survival game in Forever Skies.

Forever Skies places players in a unique post-apocalyptic Earth setting, allowing them to experience life aboard a high-tech airship, their only sanctuary above a ravaged world.

In Forever Skies, players are tasked with building and customizing a high-tech airship that serves multiple functions – from a home to a laboratory. With this airship, players can explore the remnants of our civilization and various anomalies while managing the hull’s integrity and resource extraction for the vessel’s improvement.

The game invites players to utilize scientific knowledge to build and operate various machines, analyze scanned items, reverse engineer lost technology, and research innovative survival methods. This multi-faceted gameplay approach offers players various strategies for survival and progression.

The ruined structures high above the dust clouds and the debris-filled environment serve as resource troves for survival. Players can harvest and convert the drifting debris into raw materials to survive. The exploration extends beyond resource gathering as players delve into the remains of civilization to discover what led to Earth’s downfall and the secrets of our past.

Descending below the dust layer reveals an alien world, our planet transformed in our absence. Here, players will encounter evolved fauna and flora and hunt for cures to a mysterious illness threatening their family. The game’s narrative hinges on these aspects, creating an immersive experience within its post-apocalyptic setting.

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