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Hunt Showdown Update 1.13, Notes and more

As part of its continuing support for the game, Crytek has rolled out Hunt Showdown Update 1.13 today, June 28, bringing the anticipated Tide of Shadows content to the forefront. The patch is currently available for PC, with the console release expected to follow in a few days.

The headline of the update is the new feature – a Shooting Range. This addition is designed to provide players with a designated area to test their loadouts. It serves as a risk-free environment where players can familiarize themselves with the unique gunplay that Hunt Showdown offers, solo or with friends.

The Shooting Range is based on a redesigned version of Fort Carmick, furnished with an array of weapons, consumables, and traits for players to experiment with. It features five primary areas: short, medium, and long-range shooting galleries, a throwables testing space, and a projectile penetration testing zone.

The range comes with custom dummies for players to trial their loadouts. These dummies replicate actual Hunters, with similar health points and susceptibility to status effects. Post-downing, these dummies reset after 3 seconds. These dummies can also be spotted in Dark Sight, aiding players to spot targets at a distance.

Exclusive to the Shooting Range, any damage inflicted on the dummies by players is shown via a floating damage indicator. The indicator color varies depending on whether the damage is standard or caused by status effects.

The ping function enables players to gauge distances within the Shooting Range. This displays a range indicator extending from their current position to the ping marker’s location. Teammates’ ping markers also feature range indicators.

Players can revive themselves when downed in the Shooting Range either by Reviving in place or by Respawning. Both options restore full health, but Respawning also teleports the player to a safe location nearby with a replenished inventory.

Hunt Showdown June 27 Patch Notes

  • Distant explosions should now better represent the size and severity of the explosion.
  • Reduced the amount of reverb on distant explosions.
  • Improved audio design for Hunter movement in water.
Ammo Supply Rework

For 1.13, we have reworked how resupplying ammunition works. The amount you resupply from ammo sources is now a fixed amount per ammo type carried. The previous resupply ruleset worked by resupplying you with a percentage of the total extra amount you could carry, which was an inconsistent and sometimes confusing system which caused multiple issues.

By moving to a fixed resupply amount, we have decoupled a gun’s extra ammo amount from the amount it gets resupplied. This means there is no increase in the amount of ammo resupplied when equipping two weapons of the same ammo type.

Developer’s Note:

In the new system, you are now encouraged to equip different ammo types for both of your weapons, as each pool will receive some extra ammo. Of course, it is still possible to equip weapons sharing the same ammo type, giving you the flexibility to choose which gun to load the ammunition into. However, as it is just one merged pool, you only receive extra ammo once and not per weapon. We think that this will be a healthy change that encourages more experimentation with interesting loadouts, as well as help reduce some previously used strategies to only pick a sidearm to boost the pool of your main weapon. It will also help make the resupply to be less of a deciding factor while choosing a weapon, like, for example, what the case was while considering the Mosin-Nagant vs. the Lebel bolt-action rifles, where the Lebel was much harder to supply due to its small extra ammo pool.


Ammo Crates

The following numbers are the fixed amounts per ammo type you will receive when resupplying from regular ammo crates.

  • Compact Ammo: 8
  • Medium Ammo: 6
  • Long Ammo: 2
  • Shotgun Ammo: 2
Special Ammo Crates

These are the amounts you will receive when resupplying from special ammo crates.

  • Special Compact Ammo: 8
  • Special Medium Ammo: 6
  • Special Long Ammo: 2
  • Special Shotgun Ammo: 2
  • Arrows: 3
  • Compact Bolts: 3
  • Bolts: 2
  • Nitro Express Ammo: 1
  • Dolch Ammo: 3
  • Bomb Lance Ammo: 2
Ammo Box (Consumable)

These are the amounts of ammo you will receive when resupplying from an Ammo Box. We have increased these amounts quite a bit, so the Ammo Box offers more value when equipping them in your loadout. Rounded-up, Hunters receive about 2.5x the ammo from ammo crates you can find in the world.

  • Compact Ammo: 20
  • Special Compact Ammo: 20
  • Medium Ammo: 15
  • Special Medium Ammo: 15
  • Long Ammo: 5
  • Special Long Ammo: 5
  • Shotgun Ammo: 5
  • Special Shotgun Ammo: 5
  • Arrows: 7
  • Compact Bolts: 7
  • Bolts: 5
  • Nitro Ammo: 2
  • Dolch Ammo: 7
  • Bomb Lance Ammo: 5
Small Ammo Packs:
  • Compact Ammo (Red Packs): 4
  • Medium Ammo (Blue Packs): 3
  • Shotgun Ammo (Green Packs): 1
  • Long Ammo (Yellow Packs): 1
Dual Wield Ammo Reduction

We have reduced the extra amount of ammunition carried by half when dual wielding handguns. This is a complementary change to the Ammo Supply Rework above.
Developer’s Note:
This reduction means that you will get the same amount of extra ammo whether you are dual wielding or not. Previously, dual wield weapons had an excessive amount of extra ammo, inviting players to blast away indiscriminately. We want to ensure that like with other weapons, players are mindful of their bullets and need to consider resupply as part of their strategy. Many players also started using their dual wield extra ammo pool with the exclusive purpose to feed their main weapons. By halving the amount of extra ammo, we intend to reduce the incentive of using dual wield weapons just to boost ammo pools and are instead promoting the use of Ammo Box consumables as a tax for this playstyle.

Bomb Lance

The Bomb Lance can now equip up to two different custom ammo types, which can be switched mid-mission as needed. Ammunition counts and prices per slot have been adjusted accordingly (prices listed separately further below):

  • Explosive Harpoon: 1/3
  • Dragon Breath: 1/3
  • Steel Balls: 1/4
Gunplay Balance Changes
  • Increased base damage for all Shotguns against Hives and Armoreds.
  • Increased base damage for Throwing Knives on Horses to allow a single body hit to kill.
  • Incendiary ammo can now set players on fire with one hit at short range until its base damage starts to drop over distance.
    • Larger ammo types travel further before this starts to happen.
    • The Salveskin Trait will protect Hunters from being set on fire on the first hit.
    Developer’s Note:

    We want to encourage players using powerful weapons like long ammo bolt-action rifles to consider equipping incendiary ammo more often as a valuable alternative. Previously, losing the ability of larger calibers to penetrate walls was too much of a downside to even consider using incendiary ammo on these weapons. We hope the ability to pressure enemies by setting them on fire at close ranges will be seen as a more viable alternative to help create opportunities to break stalemates and push ahead. We are curious to hear your feedback on this change. We’ve also increased the price (listed further below) accordingly.

  • Increased the explosion damage of the Sticky Bomb to be able to severely wound or kill players within a slightly larger radius. This will allow more offensive use and require more care when using it against Boss Targets or Meatheads.
  • Increased damage on the Machete to allow one hit kills to the upper torso on enemy Hunters.
  • Medium Dumdum Rifle Ammo now applies intense bleeding to set it more apart from Compact Ammo.
  • Slightly reduced the reload time of the Romero Handcannon and increased the reload time on the Romero Hatchet. This allows them to fill their own niche, with one reloading faster while the other has a powerful melee attack.
    • Romero Handcannon reload went from 3.5s to 3.2s.
    • Romero Hatchet reload went from 3.5s to 3.7s.
  • Slightly reduced the cycle time on Martini-Henry IC1 Ironside and increased its extra ammo.
    • Cycle time decreased from 1.9s to 1.8s for a faster rate of fire.
    • Extra ammo increased from 10 to 15 for all ammo types.
  • Slightly increased levering speed on the Winfield M1873 Musket Bayonet.
  • Adjusted the recoil on the Nagant M1895 Officer Carbine and Nagant M1895 Officer Carbine Deadeye to be more predictable and feel less erratic between shots.
  • Increased recoil for the Mosin-Nagant M1891 Avtomat to make it less controllable on full-auto and further reduce the chance for successive hits at longer range.
  • Explosive extra ammo increased to base extra ammo levels.
    • Explosive Ammo on Springfield 1866: from 9 to 12.
    • Explosive Ammo on Martini-Henry IC1: from 7 to 10.
    • Explosive Ammo on Nitro Express Rifle: from 2 to 4.
    • Explosive Ammo on Caldwell Conversion Uppercut from 3 to 9.
  • Increased extra ammo on Springfield 92 Krag from 6 to 8 for all ammo types and variants.
  • Reduced the XP unlock requirements within the Martini-Henry IC1 family.
  • Reduced the unlock requirements within the Poison unlock family.
Equipment Unlocks
  • Added Winfield M1876 Centennial Shorty as the 3rd Centennial family unlock.
  • Added Winfield M1876 Centennial Shorty Silencer as the 6th Centennial family unlock.
  • Added Springfield M1892 Krag Bayonet as the 4th Krag family unlock.
  • Added Springfield M1892 Krag Sniper as the 5th Krag family unlock.
  • Moved Ammo Box consumable unlock from Rank 74 to Rank 1.
Trait Adjustments
  • Resilience will now heal up to full health (150)—previously it was only 100 health.
  • Reduced Assailant cost from 2 to 1.
  • Reduced Bloodless cost from 5 to 3.
  • Reduced Salveskin cost from 5 to 3.
Equipment Pricing
  • Reduced prices for Bomb Lance Custom Ammo:
    • Bomb Lance Dragon Breath reduced to 10 Hunt Dollars.
    • Bomb Lance Steel Ball Ammo reduced to 5 Hunt Dollars.
  • Reduced prices of Martini-Henry IC1 variants:
    • Martini-Henry IC1 Deadeye decreased from 145 to 140 Hunt Dollars.
    • Martini-Henry IC1 Ironside decreased from 184 to 159 Hunt Dollars.
    • Martini-Henry IC1 Marksman decreased from 173 to 157 Hunt Dollars.
    • Martini-Henry IC1 Riposte decreased from 164 to 157 Hunt Dollars.
  • Increased prices for Incendiary ammo:
    • Compact & Medium Incendiary increased from 10 to 40 Hunt Dollars.
    • Long Incendiary increased from 20 to 70 Hunt Dollars.
  • Increased prices for High Velocity ammo:
    • Compact and Medium High Velocity increased from 50 to 60 Hunt Dollars.
Mission Summary Accolades

The requirement to reach a certain grading (bronze, silver, gold) was adjusted for some Accolades.

  • Completing only one contract in a two-contract mission now results in a gold grading.
  • Unlocking any Book mastery now results in a bronze grading.
  • Receiving any Upgrade Points now always results in a grey grading.
  • The number of Investigated Clues now results in a different grading:
    • 1 = grey
    • 2-3 = bronze
    • 4-5 = silver
    • 6 = gold
  • The amount of necessary AI kills for a grading was decreased:
    • 0-19 = grey (from 0-39)
    • 20-39 = bronze (from 40-59)
    • 40-59 = silver (from 60-99)
    • 60+ = gold (from 100+)
  • The amount of necessary player kills for a grading was decreased:
    • 1-2 = bronze (from 2-3)
    • 3-4 = silver (from 4-5)
    • 5+ = gold (from 6+)
  • The amount of extracted money (Hunt Dollars) now results in a different grading:
    • 0-99 = grey
    • 100-499 = bronze
    • 500-999 = silver
    • 1000+ = gold
  • The number of closed Rifts in Soul Survivor now results in a different grading:
    • 1 = grey
    • 2 = bronze
    • 3 = silver

The reward for some Accolades was adjusted:

  • Hunter level 50 now rewards 500 Hunt Dollars.
  • Closing the fourth Wellspring in Soul Survivor now rewards 75 Bounty instead of 25.
Loading Screens

Added over 100 new loading screen tips, each targeted at specific player groups based on their experience level.

  • A hint is now displayed until it is either overwritten by the next triggered hint or its respective book entry is accessed.
  • Separately assigned input keys for vault/jump, sprint/ads, and interact/bandage are now supported and considered accordingly.
  • The Accolade for “Bounty Extraction Time Bonus” was removed due to the non-existent mission countdown in the Tutorials.
Economy Rework
Blood Bonds Store
  • The discount on existing Blood Bond Packs has been removed.
  • Updated prices based on Steam recommendations.
Accolade Cards Blood Bonds Reward
  • All Blood Bonds Rewards have been removed from the Accolade Cards.
First Bounty Extraction Update
  • Consecutive 5 Day Extraction bonus (25BBs for 5 days in a row) has been removed.
  • XP and Hunt Dollar Bonus for the first successful daily extraction for each Hunter remains the same.
  • Weekly Blood Bonds reward is increased (25 to 50 BBs maximum).
Dark Tribute Rebalance

Bloodline XP thresholds are lowered:

  • 2000
  • 4000
  • 5500
  • 8000
Free Trait Removal
  • Trait removal is now free (No BBs spending).
  • Player receives 1 less Trait Point for removing a Trait than the Trait that was removed. Example: Player removes Conduit (4-point Trait) for free and receives 3 Trait Points back to use.
Free Add/Remove Health Chunk
  • Add/Remove Health Chunk is now free (No BBs spending).
Cleaning Weapons
  • All weapons are automatically cleaned upon successful extraction, with or without the Bounty.
  • All “dirty weapons” that players have in their inventory at the time of 1.13 release should be cleaned automatically.
  • During the Mission, “dirt” levels remain – e.g. If the player was downed and revived, the weapons get dirty, but will be automatically cleaned once the Hunter returns to the Menu.
Recruit Reshuffling
  • BBs paid reshuffle has been removed from the Roster -> Recruitment.
  • Additional rerolls are available now for Hunt Dollars:
    • 1st roll: 100 Hunt Dollars
    • 2nd roll: 200 Hunt Dollars
    • 3rd roll: 300 Hunt Dollars
    • 4th roll: 400 Hunt Dollars
    • 5th and all next: 500 Hunt Dollars
  • Single free reshuffle remains after playing a Mission.
Black Market Reshuffles Rework
  • Three paid rerolls (BBs) have been replaced by single daily reroll.
  • Free reroll is available once per day.
Bundles Update
  • Hunters can now purchase a Bundle if they already have an item that is included in that Bundle.
Developer’s Note:

We started the conversation last fall about an overhaul of the Blond Bond economy and the ways players can use them in the game. We also pledged a rework of the Hunter Traits and Health Bar respec options, feeling it crossed a line into players buying an unfair advantage. We’re now ready to roll out these changes and more with Update 1.13.

As we stated in our previous videos and posts on monetization, Blood Bonds are and continue to be a vital revenue source for the content development and operation of Hunt: Showdown, but their distribution and uses have been in serious need of a rework for some time now, which is why we have made changes to several systems and how Blood Bonds are used.

The detailed changes above will be explained in an upcoming Developer Insight video with General Manager David Fifield, where he will take us through the reasons for these changes as well as our philosophy around the use of Blood Bonds as we move forward.

New Legendary Content
  • Caldwell 92 New Army – Deputy (900 BB)
  • Caldwell Conversion Chain Pistol – Widower (900 BB)
  • Knuckle Knife – Knotted Spine (700 BB)
  • Martini-Henry IC1 Ironside – Heaven’s Key (700 BB)
  • Scottfield Model 3 – Judge (700 BB)
  • Scottfield Model 3 Swift – Jury (700 BB)
  • Sticky Bomb – Equine Heart (800 BB)
  • Vetterli 71 Karabiner – The Noose (900 BB)
  • Vitality Shot (Weak) – Sanguis Christi (800 BB)
  • Winfield 1893 Slate – Eulogy (700 BB)
Black Market Content Update

Refreshed the contents of all three Black Market Contractors.

Restoration – Additional Banish and Wellspring Feedback

The in-mission effect that fully restores your Hunter is now categorized as ‘Restoration’. You can experience this change in the form of a new UI ticker and audio cue when the effect is triggered.
Restoration triggers include:

  • Boss Target Banish
  • Becoming the Wellspring in Soul Survivor
Developer note:

There are no actual gameplay adjustments to the Banish or Wellspring, the additions above are here to put more emphasis on the special nature of these effects and to establish Restoration as a consistent term.

  • Fixed various issues with different weapons playing the wrong movement sound.
  • Adjusted the footstep audio for enemy Hunters when they are above the player to be less audible over distance.
  • The Sledgehammer and Shovel pick-up sounds have been adjusted.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Grunts to be sitting on thin air or glitching through walls.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Boss Targets to sometimes hit the player through walls with a melee attack.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Grunts, Immolators, and Armoreds to sometimes consider Hunters behind walls as directly attackable targets.
  • Meatheads will now drop a Trait 100% of the time in the Scripted Tutorials.
Combat Log
  • Fixed damage to different targets being incorrectly grouped into one combat log entry.
  • Fixed the wrong killer being displayed when dealing damage after dying.
  • Fixed Ghoul health regeneration incorrectly showing as unknown source in combat log.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the first entry of the combat log to be incorrectly shortened when coming into the death screen.
  • Both weapons are now shown correctly in combat log when dual wielding.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the scroll position to be saved when dying multiple times.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the log entry to sometimes show white boxes instead of correct entries.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Dual Wielding related entries to sometimes be missing from the logs.
  • Fixed a rare issue where the log would falsely display a friendly fire tag.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the logs to display the wrong damage type icon .
  • The options setting “Show name of your killer” was renamed to “Show player names”. This option affects all player names in combat log, death screen, and team details, and also sets the initial value for the toggles there. The toggles on these screens temporarily show/hide player names on that particular screen only. The global option takes place again at the start of the next game.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a placeholder image to sometimes appear if the player suffered a disconnect, then reconnected to the game.
  • Fixed an issue that caused preset (saved) loadouts to buy new equipment when the preset loadout requested a specific skin, even if instances of that equipment were already in the inventory.
  • Fixed an issue in the Equipment screen that caused the item price to be hidden after switching to any Legendary skins.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Necromancer self-revive timer to be delayed when opening the Options menu.
  • Fixed an issue that caused incorrect information to be displayed on the death screen after being revived and killed again.
  • Fixed a very rare issue that caused the Mission Summary screen to display a different number of rewards than the player actually received.
  • Fixed an issue in the Equipment screen that caused the weapon list to jump after equipping a consumable.
  • Fixed a visual issue that incorrectly displayed the “missing First Aid Kit” pop-up when equipped with the Scarfskin Satchel First Aid Kit.
  • Fixed several overlapping text issues in the Tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Health and Equipment bars to be permanently displayed in the Tutorial, even when deactivated in the Options.
  • Fixed a rare issue that caused the Health and Stamina bars to not be displayed when starting the Tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue that incorrectly displayed the Favorite icon on Charms, in the shop.
  • Fixed a rare issue in the Equipment screen that would cause the “Sell All” button to not work properly.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed an incorrect tooltip to be displayed when hovering over the “Piercing Damage” icon for some weapons.
  • Fixed an issue with the Romero 77 Alamo animation to make it more clear when the reload and break action are completed and it is safe to switch weapons.
  • Fixed an issue with Bolt Action rifles performing a double-bolt animation occasionally when equipping the weapon.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the ammo pool UI to display an incorrect amount for a brief moment.
  • Fixed an issue that caused broken inventory slots when swapping both weapons for one on a saddlebag without Quartermaster.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused Poison to deal increased damage to AI enemies.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Throwing Knives/Axes to disappear when thrown on certain surfaces.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to receive duplicate world items when looting Hunters.
  • Adjusted placements of the Saddle Hitching Posts and made the vault over them more reliable.
  • Fixed invisible collisions in several natural spots.
  • Weapons in the Death Screen can now be rotated again when using a controller.
  • Soul Survivor: Sometimes the timer would not correctly reduce to 7 ticks, even though all other Hunters are dead or disconnected.
  • A specific door type used was playing an incorrect, very fast animation when punched.
  • Fixed some windows that wouldn’t break when damaged.
  • Fixed some floating vegetation across all maps.
Stillwater Bayou
  • Alain & Son’s Fish: fixed some Meathead pathing.
  • Alain & Son’s Fish: fixed several spots where a Hunter could get stuck.
  • Alice Farm: Fixed an Assassin Boss Target dressing that was visually blocking a drop-down entrance into the Boss Target lair.
  • Alice Farm: Blocked access to a pile of hay in one of the Boss Target Lairs that should not be accessible.
  • Blanchett Graves: adjusted the collision on two of the graves north of the church to make vaulting more consistent.
  • Catfish Grove: blocked off some tree groups you could get stuck in on the south side of the compound.
  • Catfish Grove: fixed a log on the south side that, while being walked on, sounded like it was in water even though it was not.
  • Cypress Hut: fixed a floating loot box.
  • Cypress Huts: fixed a wall-piece having no proper collision.
  • Healing-Waters Church: changed some crow placements.
  • Lockbay Docks: fixed a floating clue.
  • Pitching Crematorium: made the left waterside entrance into the underground a bit higher so Hunters do not bump their heads when entering.
  • Port Reeker: fixed a piece of Assassin Boss Target dressing blocking one of the windows in the southeast building.
  • Port Reeker: fixed an unreachable envelope.
  • Scupper Lake: fixed a barrel that was not exploding in an ignited oil puddle.
  • Scupper Lake: fixed some broken collision on some rubble on the ground south of the compound.
  • Slaughterhouse: Fixed some geometry clipping through the roof of the white house.
  • Stillwater Bend: blocked a hiding spot in the underground.
Lawson Delta
  • Fixed a grenade pathing issue at the base of the watchtowers.
  • Blanc Brinery: fixed a vault at the railroad cars that were not working as expected.
  • Blanc Brinery: fixed a Hitching Post where a Hunter could get stuck.
  • Bradley & Craven Brickworks: fixed a non-vaultable extraction boat.
  • Bradley & Craven Brickworks: fixed an AI pathing issue.
  • Fort Carmick: closed a small shutter window that did not lead anywhere.
  • Fort Carmick: fixed some angled terrain.
  • Godard Docks: fixed a spot where a Hunter could get stuck.
  • Goddard Docks: fixed a ladder that allowed the Hunter to teleport to the top of it from the ground.
  • Golden Acres: fixed an Assassin Boss Target dressing blocking off one of the windows.
  • Golden Acres: fixed some vaulting issues at the small cabin on the south side.
  • Hemlock and Hide: fixed a spot under a bridge where a Hunter could get stuck.
  • Iron Works: fixed a rendering issue.
  • Iron Works: adjusted the crouch-hole in the west side-building to be smoother to use.
  • Iron Works: fixed an Assassin Boss Target dressing blocking off one of the small windows.
  • Lawson Station: fixed a stack of wooden planks that were not vaultable.
  • Maw Battery: fixed a vault issue.
  • Nicholls Prison: removed some Loot Box anchors in non-accessible spaces.
  • Nicholls Prison: fixed some debris clipping through a wall.
  • Nicholls Prison: fixed a vault that could get you “soft-stuck” in a corner.
  • Nicholls Prison: made a gap jumpable.
  • Salter’s Pork: moved the metal wheel stuck in the terrain.
  • Wolfshead Arsenal: fixed some AI pathing.
  • Wolfshead Arsenal: fixed a spot where the player could vault through a wall.


  • Ash Creek Lumber: blocked an unfair sightline.
  • Ash Creek Lumber: fixed a spot where a Hunter was able to enter the Boss Target Lair in an unintended way.
  • Darin Shipyard: moved a horse that was spawning under trees.
  • Darin Shipyard: fixed a Loot Box that was spawning under the Boss Target’s dressing.
  • First Testimonial Church: fixed a small gap in a wall.
  • First Testimonial Church: fixed a see-through tree trunk.
  • First Testimonial Church: fixed some floating decorations.
  • Forked River Fishery: fixed a floating loot box.
  • Fort Bolden: added a new ladder on one of the Boss Target Lair balconies.
  • Heritage Pork: fixed some misaligned Assassin Boss Target dressing.
  • Heritage Pork: closed a gap that looked like you could throw things through but could not.
  • Kingsnake Mine: fixed a vault on a railing not working properly.
  • Lower DeSalle: fixed an unfair one-way peek in Boss Target Lair.
  • Lower DeSalle: fixed a hole in a rock.
  • Moses Poultry: adjusted a pile of grain sacks that looked climbable but were not.
  • Moses Poultry: fixed a spot that you could get “soft-stuck” in.
  • Pearl Plantation: fixed the water west of the compound (next to Heritage Pork) that did not behave correctly as water.
  • Pearl Plantation: fixed ducks spawning underwater.
  • Pearl Plantation: fixed a collision issue with a beam.
  • Pearl Plantation: fixed an AI navigation issue.
  • Pelican Island Prison: fixed a spot where throwable weapons could fall in.
  • Pelican Island Prison: fixed some rough terrain edges.
  • Pelican Island Prison: fixed a stuck spot between a rock and a tree on the North side.
  • Stanley Coal Company: closed a climbable spot inside the Boss Target Lair.
  • Stanley Coal Company: closed an unfair peek at the elevator in the Boss Target Lair.
  • Upper DeSalle: fixed a barrel that was not exploding in an oil puddle.
  • Weeping Stone Mill: fixed a spot where a player could get stuck.
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