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Pokemon Go “A Few” Players Didn’t Get the Makeup Shadow Mewtwo Rare XL Candy Timed Research

Trainers, the first Shadow Raids featuring Shadow Mewtwo went live at the end of May 2023, but due to some issues, the Mewtwo Shadow Raid rewards did not include the Rare Candy XL bonus for in-person five-star Raids. To compensate, Niantic and Pokemon Go confirmed that players will receive either 10, 20, or 30 Rare Candy XL, based on how many Mewtwo Shadow Raids one completed.

Well, to make it more interesting, and complicated, they decided to give these rewards via Timed Research. The Timed Research had only one task, “Catch a Pokemon” and by completing this task, players received Rare Candy XL. Now, just when we thought everyone got their compensation, it turns out they messed it up again. Wonder what happened? Well, not everyone got their Rare Candy XL Timed Research.

A Pokemon Go player posted on Twitter about this, saying that he completed Shadow Mewtwo Raids the first time, and didn’t get the XL Candy. He contacted Niantic Support a few days ago, refreshed the data, and reloaded the game, but the Timed Research is not showing in Today View. Niantic replied to the player, and this got us worried.

They said they are aware of the issue where a few players did not receive the makeup Timed Research. A few? What do you mean by a few Niantic? How many players didn’t get the Timed Research and the Rare Candy XL reward?

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