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Pokemon Go A Shadowy Disturbance Special Research Quest Storyline

Update: Trainers, the A Shadowy Disturbance Special Research is now live. Stage 1 rewards a Mysterious Component. Great, right? Feel free to learn more here.

Trainers, Team Go Rocket Leaders, and the Team Go Rocket Boss are trying to take over the Pokemon Go world once again, this time using different Shadow Pokemon. The new Team Go Rocket Shadow Pokemon lineups are hard to beat, but using the right counters and moves can be very helpful.

The Pokemon Go Team Go Rocket Takeover event is the perfect event for Team Go Rocket, but we won’t let them succeed in their mission. They must fail, and we must keep our world safe. As I already said, this time they use different Shadow Pokemon, such as Shadow Alolan Geodude, Shadow Ledyba, Shadow Ledian, Shadow Hitmontop, Shadow Glameow, Shadow Purugly, Shadow Gible, and Shadow Regirock.

Shadow Regirock, Shadow Gible, shiny Pancham, and shiny Fomanties are the highlights of this event, so make sure to mark the dates and get yourself a new Pokemon.

Now, let’s get back to the topic and learn more about the A Shadowy Disturbance Special Research.

The A Shadowy Disturbance Special Research has five steps, each step offering different tasks, rewards, and Pokemon encounters. We have the quest storyline, so feel free to find out more below.

A Shadowy Disturbance Special Research Quest Storyline

A Shadowy Disturbance 1/5

I’m sure I left them around here somewhere…


You haven’t seen my earplugs, have you? Those Team GO Rocket Grunts over there have been blasting music at higher volume than a Loudred all day!

What’s more, I’ve barely been able to walk two steps without the crinkling of littered candy wrappers underfoot.

And do you see all the bright red Rs they’ve spray-painted around here?

I’m all for a good party, but theirs has been a real nuisance.

Could you have a chat with those Grunts while I clean things up, %PLAYERNAME%?

A Shadowy Disturbance 2/5

How did it go, %PLAYERNAME%? Did you have a calm, reasonable discussion with those Team GO Rocket Grunts?

No? They just started battling you? *sigh* I guess that’s to be expected.

Well, thanks for getting them to quiet down all the same! I can finally hear myself think again.

And what I’m thinking is, there’s no way those rambunctious Grunts would settle down so easily. I’m positive they’ll come back before long.

Could you “chat” with them again if you see them, please?

A Shadowy Disturbance 3/5

Well done, %PLAYERNAME%!

You defeated them so quickly, it almost makes ME want to start a party!

But it’ll have to wait, because right as those Grunts scampered away, I overheard them muttering about coming back bigger, louder, and wilder than ever.

We can’t have them disturbing the local Pokémon – to say nothing of the assault on my eardrums!

Let’s put in a complaint with their superiors, shall we? Defeat the Team GO Rocket Leaders!

A Shadowy Disturbance 4/5

Great work, %PLAYERNAME%!

You’ve won us some peace and quiet, but I think we should make certain Team GO Rocket isn’t planning any more mischief.

And that means taking down their boss, Giovanni!

 I know you can do it!

A Shadowy Disturbance 5/5

Expertly done, %PLAYERNAME%!

Good news on my end – Meltan and I are just about finished picking up all the litter Team GO Rocket left behind.

Thanks for your help today. We should throw our own party to celebrate your success!

Just…at a reasonable volume. And we’ll pick up after ourselves, of course.

I’ll see you again soon, %PLAYERNAME%!

Good luck on your journey Trainers, and let’s catch ’em all.

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