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Pokemon Go Content Creators Getting Backlash After Niantic Decided to Revert Wild Spawn Radius Increase

Trainers, just when we thought the “beef” between Niantic, Pokemon Go, and the community is over, they want to make things interesting and make us lose interest in the game. And when I say lose interest, I believe many players will stop playing the game after what they just did. Well, now, some Pokemon Go content creators are receiving backlash, and life-threatening messages, just for being “The Messenger.”

Pokemon Go’s increased wild spawn radius permanent change was something that we loved to see in the game, and it happened, and we thought this is a bug, but they confirmed the “Increased Pokemon spawn distance is a permanent update,” they increased it to 80m, and we lost our minds. Pokemon Go started trending on Twitter, and players were sending their love to the devs and the game, but something, somewhere went wrong. Why? Well, they deleted the confirmation Tweet and said the increased wild spawn radius was an “unintended effect or a bug fix.”

What’s going on at Niantic? Why are they doing stuff like this? This will forever remain a mystery, I guess.

FleeceKing is one of the content creators being attacked for being “The Messanger.” FleeceKing is one of our favorite Pokemon Go content creators, and we have been following his work for a long time now. He did so much for Pokemon Go, and for the community, always giving his best to inform every bit of information about the game, and he is a great influencer. He, including the rest of the content creators (sorry, we love him more) DON’T deserve to be treated like this. If you want to be mad at someone, you have Niantic, they are the ones responsible, and not the people who share useful info about the game.

We are better than this. These folks deserve our support in situations like this.

Oh, and Niantic, thank you for being awesome.

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