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Pokemon Go Masterball Glitch Tied To Auto Catching Happening With Daily Incense

Trainers, if you thought that today was the day when Pokemon Go wouldn’t have any glitches or bugs, you are insanely wrong.

Recently, it was reported by many Trainers that they have encountered a Masterball glitch, where they try to catch a Pokemon (such as Galarian Moltress) using the Daily Incense, but it seems that their PokeBall Plus devices were one step ahead, and used the Masterball instead of them. The thing is, almost all encountered an error “Pokemon not found” after throwing a Masterball.

Lo and behold, these Trainers were left with no Pokemon and Masterball-less.

However, other Trainers report that they did not encounter such glitches, and say that everything is working normally for them, even with an auto catcher on Pokemon attracted by Daily Incense.

Suggestions say that it is best to restart the game, maybe several times. It should then all go back to normal. We personally did not have this problem.

Has this happened to you? Is the Masterball really the problem, or did it happen with other PokeBalls? What did you do?

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  1. Happened to me yesterday… really frustrating…
    Used the masterball then error. No ball no moltress.

    After restart the masterball was back luckily but the chance for moltress will not come back soon =(

    Support said: Masterball will catch every pokemon;Your Moltress fleed. Try again with the next DAI… wtf

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