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Pokemon Go Niantic Acknowledges Bad Game Quality

Something that we only dreamt about has finally happened, and that is Niantic admitting Pokemon Go has bad quality.

In a short interview conducted by Eurogamer, when asked to elaborate more on the recent bugs, a spokesperson for Niantic said that the company vowed never to make that mistake.

Now, the thing we have all been waiting for: accepting errors. It has been said to Eurogamer, by Niantic (we assume the spokesperson) that Pokemon Go indeed needs quality improvement, mainly due to recent events that shook the whole Pokemon Go community. You know which events we are talking about.

Here is what Niantic said to Eurogamer during the Pokemon Go hands-on event in Los Angeles:

“It was a technical bug in nature, but I do know with 100 percent confidence, our engineering team [are] super aware of the root cause,”

“The issue is resolved as we communicated, which is good.”

“But the broader point that I would touch on there: quality. Clearly it’s an important thing and maybe not something that we’ve been the best at as of late – maybe throughout much of our history. And I can very confidently say that is something that we as a leadership team are echoing consistently from the tip top.”

“There’s been meaningful change throughout this entire year. A lot of times that tooling, that quality work that goes on behind the scenes can be even more ambitious as, let’s say, a new [feature] in and of itself. There are some really, really smart people hard at work on like making things better, because we know we want to do better, we can do better, but it doesn’t happen overnight.”

The thing with Niantic is that they only fix bugs, or any other problem only after players single that problem out. Only then do they take some action. If players do not report a bug, and Niantic sees that something is wrong, they will not do anything to try and fix something that could potentially crash the game.

Also, it is a little bit bizarre that they are treating New Zealand and Australia as testing regions, because, most bugs and problems happen there first. We are offering our condolences to the players located in New Zealand and Australia.

Last but not least, we are still waiting for those “bombastic” features. Hope goes last, but we are all getting tired and restless.

What do you think about this acceptance?

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  1. They DO NOT listen to us!!I’ve been complaining about an issue that has happened 3 times to me,and they say it’s my fault!!Complete BS

  2. Nobody thought that the management walked around specifically telling everyone to do a bad job.

    So that statement means nothing.

    The actions they have undertaken against the wishes of the community are all to push data collection and the CEO’s misguided personal opinions on how the app he probably doesn’t use should be used.

  3. I don’t buy it. Niantic still hasn’t accepted how badly they messed up on the remote raid rollback, the game has always been very light on actual content, and the recent shadow raids being in person only all show me that this is empty lip service. Niantic doesn’t care about you, and they don’t care about disabled people.

  4. Niantic doesn’t care that they are dismissing the disabled that we’re allowed to play during covid19 lockdowns. They openly said on zoëtwodots video that rural players just don’t have the activity for them to do anything for them as far as spawn rates and where they spawn at. Things work great when their reps are in the area unless it’s person global event. They just want your location data and cash.

  5. I had to stop wasting my time with this game. 1st time playing any Pokémon game. Niantic is a show. Ruined it for me.

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