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Pokemon Go Player Catches Galarian Zapdos and Galarian Articuno While Using Incense

Trainers, just when we thought that we have seen and know everything about Pokemon Go, at that moment a player appeared, and we can say that luck has not left him yet. You will ask why? Well, would you believe me if I told you that he managed to catch 17 Pokemon with Incense in 15 minutes and 1.2km? But would you believe that he caught Galarian Zapdos and Galarian Articuno? Amazing, isn’t it?

A Pokemon Go player shared an image on Pokemon Go Reddit, with he following title: “Luckiest 15 mins.” On May 31, 2023, Palm3tt0pun1sh3r decided to go on a walk using Incense. On his 1.2km adventure, and after 15 minutes using incense he caught 17 Pokemon. He caught Swablu, Mareep, Diglett, Primeape, Deerling, Ralts, Fomantis, and Pidove, but our attention is on the two Galarian birds, Zapdos, and Articuno.

Do you wonder how he caught two Galarian birds? Catching Galarian Zapdos, and/or Galarian Articuno is very hard, but he said he used a trick that he watched on Youtube a couple of times. He calls it a “throwaway trick,” and here is everything you should know about this trick.

Luckiest 15 mins
by u/palm3tt0pun1sh3r in pokemongo

As per palm3tt0pun1sh3r:

What I do I call the “throwaway trick”. I make sure I have plenty of Ultra balls first. After running into one I feed a golden razz. Then I intentionally miss 13(or more) times with Ultra balls. I just barely tap the ball off to the side. He won’t run if you miss. Then I go for the best throw I got, which isn’t great lol. The theory is that with every miss the game ups your odds. It’s just a theory. I’ve seen it on YouTube twice and it’s been just Zapdos so far it seemed to work on but now I have an Articuno too. It may or may not truly work but it’s got me 2 of the 3 I’ve caught & one Zapdos was a 3 star 2900 CP that was jumping around insanely.”

by u/palm3tt0pun1sh3r from discussion Luckiest 15 mins
in pokemongo

This is the first time we see two Galarian Birds caught at once. Some say there is a player who caught all three Galarian birds in a single Incense.

Do you have a Galarian Bird in your PokeDex? I caught only Galarian Articuno so far. Not great, not terrible, right?>

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