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Pokemon Go Player Reaches Daily Catch Limit, Catches Ten Shiny Pokemon, and Eight Hundos

Trainers, FleeceKing, the world’s first Pokemon Go player who reached Lvl50 in the game has now reached the daily catch limit and ended up with ten Shiny Pokemon, and eight hundos.

FleeceKing was the first player to reach Level 50 in Pokemon Go, back on January 25, 2021. Since then he has decided to break records, and he is very good at what he does. His last report says he made over 5,000 throws at Pokemon in one day, reached the “daily catch limit,” and got ten shinies and eight hundos. Well, at least he got Shiny Clauncher.

Now, for those who are not familiar with the daily catch limit and what this means, worry not, we got you covered.

There are daily and weekly catch and PokeStop spin limits in Pokemon Go. In June 2023, the daily catch limit is 4,800, while the weekly catch limit is 14,000. But what happens once you reach the catch limit?

The first sign is when the Pokemon you are trying to catch breaks out of the balls and immediately runs. This is a sad scene to see, and it breaks our hearts.

Reaching the daily catch limit requires a lot of work and a lot of patience. Have any of you, dear readers, reached the daily catch limit?

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  1. Easy as h*** to do when he be cheating. I’m sure the joystick option I’ve seen him use is from a modded client. He just knows how to evade the ban like me.

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