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Pokemon Go Reddit Loves John Oliver, Players Want to Power it Up and Purify It

Reddit has been on a whirl these days, and John Oliver has sort of become the face of that protest.

If you aren’t familiar with it, Reddit moderators are currently protesting against Reddit’s CEO, who wanted to do some corporate stuff (limiting its users’ voices) and threatened to remove mods, so now, to make that “silent” protest louder, they voted that it would only be allowed to post pictures of John Oliver, a famous comedian.

To that protest, the Pokemon Go group has also joined, so all we are now seeing are photos of John Oliver, with Pokemon all around him. Coincidentally, he made an episode about Pokemon, in which he mocked them.

Pokemon Go users are saying that John Oliver is their most precious Pokemon. They say that he is either a Shadow Pokemon, with the signature move Frustration, or a Purified Pokemon. Trainers are divided on this thought.

Now, Reddit users are in the exact position that Trainers are against Niantic. All they want is to be heard, and for that opinion to be implemented.

Is this pokemon any good? Should I power it up? What are the little spark things behind it?
by u/L4SoBoss in pokemongo

They even want to Purify him. Check it out.

Should I Purify This (Shadow John Oliver)?
by u/Yokuo in pokemongo

by u/Tigris_Morte from discussion Should I Purify This (Shadow John Oliver)?
in pokemongo

Pokemon Go Reddit is now marked as NSFW. Time will tell how this whole Reddit thing will turn out.

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