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Pokemon Go Steranka Says Distance Was Internal Miscommunication

We all remember the few hours we had with the increased distance, but suddenly, we were stripped out of the happiness.

In a recent interview, Michael Steranka explained the whole situation about the bug that happened a few days ago in Pokemon Go. The bug that he was talking about was the Pokemon distance that many Trainers experienced in Pokemon Go for a few hours.

He said that the whole fiasco was a “miscommunication internally” and that the “intended” part was to fix a bug that appeared in the 0.273.0, where a Pokemon immediately respawned the moment they went out of the 70m circle. This “bug”, as they call it, apparently caused even more bugs in the game.

We do not have any opinion on this at the moment, but we would like to hear yours.

What do you think about the whole situation?

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  1. Ninantic running a game into the ground with bugs glitches ideas so poorly thought out you could turn it into a comedy show … Half of us are still trying to get ten best buddys for a ticket we brought that included a Pokémon ninantic never added to the game …they are a parody of a well run company . Far too busy spouting abit their vision and so called great things to come that simply fall flat on their face every single time . At this point it’s night in impossible to get excited about up coming events purely because any right minded player will know some how ninantic will get it wrong or ruin it ..farce

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