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Pokemon Go Upcoming Routes Feature Details

A certain new feature has raised some dust and has divided many Trainers on whether this feature is needed or not in Pokemon Go.

PokemonGoHub was part of the lucky ones that were allowed to see the Routes feature before any of us did. From what they are sharing with the public, is that they think the new Routes feature will be a hit in Pokemon Go.

They disclosed that they cannot share any pictures related to the feature, but they indeed can explain to us more about Routes, how the feature works and how it looks. Some things we know from datamines, so we can make up a picture in our minds, but PokemonGoHub suggests that everything might change from that datamine.

To create a Route will be quite easy, so all you have to do is to click a button. Choose a PokeStop as your starting point and go away on your adventure to find new and exciting stuff. You can put your own stamp on the Route, or you can remain completely anonymous.

It was also shared that there will be certain bonuses, but we do not know exactly the whole package you will get once you create your Route (and get it approved). Here comes the tricky part, though. Niantic is apparently planning to deliver approval of a Trainer’s Route in just 24 hours, using GPS and text data to search if the Trainer has gone through a forbidden or dangerous zone.

Since we do not have eyes on the feature, we rely currently on PokemonGoHub’s experience, and they say that it is pretty good so far. However, some players are concerned about safety, as it will track the Trainer’s activity and where they have gone.

Other players say that it is a bit ironic that the whole feature will be based on PokeStops and Gyms because it is excluding the rural areas again, given that there aren’t many Gyms or PokeStops available as opposed to cities.

What is your take on this? Tell us in the comments below.

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