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Special Pokemon GO Collaboration Brings Rare Unown X to Anime Expo 2023

Anime Expo 2023, North America‘s largest celebration of Japanese pop culture, announced today a unique collaboration with Pokemon GO. The event, hosted by The Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation, will feature the rare Unown X Pokemon at the Los Angeles Convention Center from July 1-4.

Attendees can expect a flurry of confetti in their Pokemon GO app as they enter the Convention Center, a sign of the augmented reality surprises awaiting them. Apart from the usual fun-filled activities at the Anime Expo, this year, badge holders will be able to hunt for the elusive Unown X Pokemon around the event space. Extended three-hour lure durations will be in place to increase the chances of catching this rare Pokemon.

As per the details shared by a Reddit User on TheSilphRoad SubReddit:

LA Convention Center will have Unown X during Anime Expo (July 1-4)
by u/MineOSaurus_Rex in TheSilphRoad

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