When is The Next Escape From Tarkov Wipe – 2023 Summer Edition?

Escape From Tarkov, the heart-pounding, intense survival shooter from Battlestate Games, is known for its dynamic in-game economy and hardcore playstyle. One of the aspects that sets this game apart is its wipe system: a global server reset that wipes out player inventories and makes them start from scratch. Though this may sound daunting, especially to newcomers or players who have grinded hard for their gear, it’s the mechanism that keeps the game fresh and ensures a level playing field.

Escape From Tarkov wipes typically occur once every six months. Most likely “on a Thursday.” This gives players time to explore any new content added to the game and complete quests, some of which can be a real challenge for new players. When a wipe occurs, all players lose levels, inventories, quest progress, and trader reputations, taking everyone back to the beginning.

Battlestate Games rarely confirms a wipe date, preferring to build hype around the new content coming to the game. These are often heralded by in-game events that shake up Tarkov’s economy and balance. These events kick off several weeks before a wipe and have previously included Labs opening up for everyone, some intense weather changes, and even shuffling bosses across all maps.

When is the Next Escape From Tarkov Wipe?

The last Escape From Tarkov wipe occurred on December 28, 2022, following the release of Patch Following the six-monthly cycle, the next wipe should occur around June 25-30, 2023. This last patch brought a slew of additions to the game, including the Streets of Tarkov, new stims, weapons, crafting, and more.

Below you can find the dates and patches of the last four wipes, solidifying the 6-month theory even further.

Date Patch
December 28, 2022
June 29, 2022 12.12.30
December 12, 2021 12.12
June 30, 2021 12.11
December 24, 2020 12.9

However, it’s crucial to remember that Battlestate Games rarely confirm the official wipe date. Even if it does, it does it just days or even hours before it happens. This means that the wipe could be delayed should there be a shift in schedule.

What we know so far is that there’s a lot in store, including:

    • gradually increasing the number of players to 60
    • improving hit registration
    • enhancing positional matching of players on the server and client
    • achieving a noticeable FPS increase in online raids
    • reducing the chance of desync on the server
    • and optimizing network traffic.

With that said, we might finally get closer to the open-world goal.

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