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BattleBit Remastered v1.8.1 July 17 Patch Notes

BattleBit Remastered received a new update today, mainly focusing on bug fixes and the riddance of other known issues. Remember that this update does not include the planned content update, which is coming in 5 days from now.

The update also refines several map layouts: Frugis’s Rush stage now allows the attacking team to exit from a subway near the enemy spawn, while Wakistan’s Domination 32v32 layout has been repurposed into a 16v16 setup with a single objective at the Bunker.

Several bugs have been fixed as well, including an issue where players could walk during the frontline countdown. The system for reporting other players has been streamlined, with players able to report by pressing Left Shift + F1/2/3/4 while directly talking, without the need to go to the scoreboard.

In addition, players can now join each other’s parties using party codes, even without being friends on the platform. Without further ado, you can find the patch notes below.

BattleBit Remastered July 17 Patch Notes

  • Spectator camera improved.
  • While placing walls, there will be half player size space margin requirement to avoid clipping.
  • Enemy vehicles – number of players won’t be shown in map when spotted.
  • Frugis – Rush last stage allow attack team to exit from subway near enemy spawn.
  • Wakistan – DOMINATION old 32v32 layout become a 16v16 layout with only one objective at Bunker. DOMI 32v32 now will feature an east coast line layout.
  • Now players can report other players by pressing Left Shift + F1/2/3/4…. while talking directly without needing to go to the scoreboard.
  • Players can join each other’s parties without adding each other as friends via party codes now.
  • Bug where sometimes players can walk during countdown on the frontline fixed.
  • In Domination, reviving will no longer return tickets.
  • Players will be able to place a limited amount of C4s, mines, claymores, ammo kits, etc. at the same time.
    • C4s will be destroyed when a player dies. A maximum of 6 can be placed. When a 7th is placed, the 1st one will be removed to maintain a total of 6.
    • Claymores/Mines will NOT be destroyed upon death. However, only 4 can be placed at a time. If a 5th is placed, the 1st one will be removed, ensuring a total count of 4.
  • Rare case fix: Where a player’s progress would reset if a player joins one of the game servers while we are updating player stats servers and game server receives their stats as level 0.
    • The game server will no longer let a player join if it fails to fetch the player stats instead of letting the player join the server with level 0.
    • The backend will no longer accept saving stats of a player if a player’s rank is less than before just in case.
  • Player not switching to primary when placing claymore while throwing grenade fixed.
  • Sometimes friend list not loading until party menu hovered fixed.
  • Broken progress bar on the bottom fixed.
  • Flag capture zones adjusted correctly.
  • Salhan – Russian side gets an extended border on the West side (Cav exit) to make spawn camp harder.
  • Players lagging during using a repelling rope fixed.
  • Eduardovo CONQ 32v32 got its own unique layout that is separate from 127v127 playable area.
  • Wakistan CONQ 64v64 order of flag naming fixed.
  • In case of a player’s data is not updated from the game server to the backend, in case of a player attempts to join a new server, user stats will be synced much faster. (before 10-15 seconds, now 2 seconds).
  • Friends not loading in the party tab fixed.
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