Escape From Tarkov gets new event and quest, The TerraGroup Trail details and more

Battlestate Games has recently posted an intriguing new video called “The TerraGroup Trail.” This video is accompanied by an in-game quest in Escape From Tarkov that goes under the same name, which means a new event is rising. The quest is labeled as Part 1, which means more of this might be on its way.

The video can be found in the Tweet below, including the quest details just under it. Good luck finding the missing men.

Event and Quest Details

The TerraGroup Trail – Part 1

Got a job for you. My men found a big cache in the Health Resort area. The group was not small, but even they couldn’t take everything: money, weapons, jewelry. But the main thing – information and components of something, and what exactly – you do not need to know yet. I’ll make sure to inform you after we’re done here. The head of the group got really carried away, I never seen him like that. They haven’t been in touch since, and they talk nonsense over the radio.


  • Locate Fence’s men who went missing on Shoreline.

The announcement of this event is particularly thrilling as it hints at an expansion of Escape From Tarkov’s deep and intricate lore. The cryptic message from the quest-giver suggests that players will be exploring an untapped aspect of the game’s narrative, which is a tantalizing prospect for lore enthusiasts.

It seems that LogicalSolutions has already found the missing men. Also, I am getting low on Laptop battery since I am on vacation, so I don’t know if I can provide complete coverage of this. You can find his tweet below:

The TerraGroup Trail – Part 2

Hello, mercenary, how’s your health– From Fence, you say? You know I don’t do business with him. What does he want from me?.. Okay, I get it. How can I stay out of this? Human lives are at stake. Although I’m 99% sure drugs are involved. You know Fence’s gang, what else could have happened to them if not this? You need to go back to the scene again, examine the bodies. Find anything that might help the investigation.


  • Eliminate the Weird Scavs – 0/2

The TerraGroup Trail – Part 3

Problem with the Scavs? No, they have a problem with us! Yeah, I’ve heard you’re trying to deal with the stoners, too, the doctor said. My men already caught one and interrogated him at the checkpoint. He’s a total freak! When he snapped back to reality, he told us they had a big fight with the Rogues. Listening to him, it was a hell of a fight. But he kept talking about some fuck all laptop. The problem is, he didn’t have any sort of hardware on him. I’m sensing it’s a big deal, so you better find me that laptop in no time.


Obtain the mysterious laptop at the water treatment plant

The TerraGroup Trail – Part 4

The TerraGroup Trail – Part 5

The TerraGroup Trail – Part 6

The TerraGroup Trail – Part 7

Come in, mercenary. I suppose you’re anxious to know what the analysis shows. Simply put, after the drug is administered, control between the dorsolateral and dorsomedial prefrontal cortex is increased, the medial superior cortex is inhibited and– Okay, I understand. I’ll make it even simpler. It’s a truth serum, mercenary. Or an intermediate version of trying to create one. Because even after a short time after administration, the opposite effect occurs: the patient stops distinguishing truth from fiction, becomes delusional, cognitive impairment takes place. This serum has Sanitar written all over it, I’ll tell you that. Please explain the situation to Peacekeeper. This diabolical drug must not leave Tarkov, or better yet, it must be completely destroyed.

The TerraGroup Trail – Part 8

  • Eliminate 10 Scavs while equipped with RUAF gear and weapons on Streets of Tarkov
  • Eliminate 10 Scavs while equipped with RUAF gear and weapons on Interchange
  • Eliminate 10 Scavs while equipped with RUAF gear and weapons on Customs
  • Eliminate 10 Scavs while equipped with RUAF gear and weapons on Factory
  • Eliminate 10 Scavs while equipped with RUAF gear and weapons on Woods
  • Eliminate 10 Scavs while equipped with RUAF gear and weapons on Reserve
  • Eliminate 10 Scavs while equipped with RUAF gear and weapons on Lighthouse
  • Eliminate 10 Scavs while equipped with RUAF gear and weapons on Shoreline

The TerraGroup Trail – Part 9

  • Stash 2 Bottle of Dan Jackiel whiskey in the Revis Store on Interchange
  • Stash an SP-8 Survival Machete inside the pumping station on Factory
  • Stash a Desert Tech MDR 7.62×51 assault rifle in dorm room 302 on Customs
  • Stash 2 EOTech HHS-1 hybrid sight in the sawmill guard post on Woods
  • Stash GPNVG-18 Night Vision goggles in the third structure of the railroad warehouse on Reserve

The TerraGroup Trail – Part 11

  • Plant a radio repeater inside the Mi-8 helicopter at the water treatment plant on Lighthouse
  • Plant a radio repeater inside the abandoned USEC cottage on Lighthouse
  • Plant a radio repeater on the hill in front of the Lighthouse island
  • Plant a radio repeater on the roof of the landing stage on Lighthouse

The TerraGroup Trail – Part 12

  • Hand over a Piece of plexiglass
  • Hand over an Insulating tape
  • Hand over a Military circuit board
  • Hand over a Military COFDM Wireless Signal Transmitter

The TerraGroup Trail – Part 13

  • Obtain the V4 Flash drive on Customs
  • Reflash the Radio transmitter
  • Hand over the flash drive to Mechanic
  • Visit the lighthouse building


The TerraGroup Trail – Part 14

  • Obtain Reagent Omega from the testing area in The Lab
  • Obtain Reagent Beta from the laboratory zone in The Lab
  • Obtain Reagent Alpha from the laboratory testing area in The Lab


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