ID@Xbox Demo Fest Ignites Summer Gaming with Over 40 Playable Demos

If your summer plans revolve around gaming, then the ID@Xbox Demo Fest is your perfect destination. Xbox has announced that the much-anticipated event returns today, featuring over 40 game demos that will be playable on your Xbox console from July 11 to July 17.

Based on previous demo events’ format, ID@Xbox is not your standard game demo showcase. The event allows players to experience early games that may not necessarily represent the final versions, likening the event to the type of ‘show floor demos’ one might see at more significant events.

However, this event comes with a sense of urgency. These demos will be featured on the Xbox Dashboard for only a week. Xbox announced that while some of these demos might be republished later on the Demo channel, many will vanish at the end of the week. It remains unclear if players can re-download any demo they add to their accounts indefinitely.

Among the 40-plus games available for testing, the initial list includes a broad spectrum of genres. From the tactical RPG, Demonschool, to the survival and city-building simulation game, The Wandering Village. The list further extends to games like Sea of Stars, a modern twist on the classic RPG, and Worldless, a stylized 2D adventure platformer, among many others.

One of the event’s exciting features is its opportunity for feedback. Developers are eager to hear from players, urging them to share their opinions about the games through social media or their websites, be it praise or constructive criticism.

Notable inclusions in the list include:

  • Demonschool – RPG with tactical elements, where you play as Faye, the last living demon hunter, trying to survive university life.
  • Lies of P – An action souls-like game based on the familiar story of Pinocchio, set in a cruel, dark, Belle Époque world.
  • Sea of Stars -Aiming to modernize the classic RPG, this game promises a blend of turn-based combat, storytelling, exploration, and interactions with the environment.
  • The Wandering Village – A city-building simulation game where you form a symbiotic relationship with a giant, wandering creature.
  • Worldless – A stylized 2D adventure platformer where you embark on a journey of self-growth and understanding in a shapeless world.
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