Insomniac Games Rumored To Be Working On a New Unannounced Title

Sony-owned Insomniac Games reportedly works on a third undisclosed project besides Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine. The potential news broke out during a live stream organized by Full Sail University, in which project director Erin Eberhardt revealed her involvement in an unannounced title at the studio.

Eberhardt, whose previous experience includes working on PlayStation Now, Sony Interactive Entertainment, and Blizzard’s eSports initiative, expressed her excitement for this new venture during the stream. “This is actually my first triple-A game project now, I’m the project director here on an unannounced project,” she stated. “I’m very excited to be actually making the games now.

Eberhardt’s transfer to Insomniac Games occurred just before the studio started advertising for a multiplayer project, sparking speculations that the undisclosed title may venture into the realm of multiplayer gaming.

Insomniac Games is publicly working on two highly-anticipated Marvel titles, Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine. However, the studio has a varied gaming portfolio, including the beloved Ratchet & Clank series, the most recent installment of which was released in 2021.

Given the studio’s history and success in the industry, the recent revelation of a third project in the works is a compelling prospect. Speculation abounds, and while details are scant, fans eagerly await further announcements about Insomniac’s potentially thrilling addition to its gaming catalog.

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