Level 100 Is Not a Prerequisite for Diablo 4’s Battle Pass Completion

Diablo 4’s Season 1 (Season of the Malignant) is just around the corner. Together with it, a new Battle Pass system will be a new source of surprise for players. Recently, Game Director Joe Shely and Franchise GM Rod Fergusson engaged in an interview with Forbes, shedding light on the unique aspects of the upcoming season.

Unlike typical norms, Diablo 4 players will not need to hit level 100 to max out the Battle Pass in the forthcoming season. As Joe Shely explained, “We want to ensure that players playing at varying intensities can still complete the battle pass.” This suggests that whether you’re a casual or a hardcore player, you should be able to wrap up the Battle Pass by the end of the 12-week season, provided you’re engaging with challenges.

In addition, the Battle Pass will offer Platinum, the game’s premium currency used for buying cosmetics, and additional Battle Pass tiers. It’s important to note that the amount of Platinum earned will not cover the cost of the next Battle Pass or an armor set from the shop. The developers intended for Platinum to serve as a long-term saving strategy.

The Inaugural Season

Diablo 4’s first season, named Season of the Malignant, revolves around a narrative of cleansing a plague from the land and farming Malignant Hearts for unique armor builds. While this season might be smaller than those planned for the future, it’s a significant first step in the ongoing journey of Diablo 4.

The season’s content will be available from week one, with no time-gated missions or story arcs. Most gameplay will be centered on grinding new builds through the heart-farming mechanic.

Additional Information

Apart from the Battle Pass system, Shely and Fergusson revealed several other critical details during the interview. All content for Diablo 4’s seasons, including storyline, mechanics, and character creation, is free. The Premium Battle Pass, which contains exclusive cosmetics and any new shop items, is the only aspect requiring payment.

The interview also touched on aspects like the class-specific heart abilities, a new Nightmare Dungeon rotation, the introduction of a new Uber-Unique, and the concept of uniqueness in gameplay.

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