Overwatch 2 Summer Games 2023 Starts Today with Winston’s Beach Volleyball and Classic Lucioball

As the weather heats up, Blizzard Entertainment is bringing the sizzle to Overwatch 2 with the return of its beloved Summer Games event. This year, however, things are a little different. The company just announced that along with the iconic Lucioball, players can expect a brand-new mode, Winston’s Beach Volleyball.

The news, teased on the official Overwatch Twitter, has quickly sparked anticipation among fans waiting to participate in the fun-filled summertime event starting today. While specific details about the new mode and the returning Lucioball are not fully unveiled yet, Blizzard has assured players that more information will be available when the event goes live. We know so far that the Summer Games will undoubtedly feature various activities and, possibly, some surprises along the way.

The Summer Games are known not just for their unique modes but also for their new skins and challenges. Based on past event iterations, players can likely expect to see fresh and exclusive skins being introduced, with many typically found in the game’s shop. Following the pattern of previous events, Blizzard may also offer an Epic Skin that players can earn for free simply by participating and completing event-specific Challenges.

Overwatch 2 is in the middle of its 5th season, highlighted by introducing a new Mythic skin for Tracer and a mini-narrative dubbed “Questwatch.” This story sees characters from the Overwatch universe indulging in a game of tabletop RPG. Also coming up is Mischief and Magic, Overwatch 2’s spin on the Prop Hunt game mode, slated for release on July 25th.

Blizzard is planning to cap off the summer with a bang. The company has announced that on August 10th, the 6th season will commence, finally introducing the story missions. These missions will be available for $15, giving fans more reasons to dive back into the action-packed world of Overwatch 2.

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