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Pokemon Go All-in-One #151 Masterwork Special Research Quest, Awards Shiny After Completing Step 3, But First you Must Walk 151km

Trainers, the Pokemon Go 7th Anniversary Party event has started, and you can now complete the All-in-One #151 Masterwork Research and encounter Shiny Mew.

Shiny Mew was the highlight of the Pokemon Go Tour Kanto event, and many players didn’t have a chance to get it. Now, Niantic and Pokemon Go offer the All in One #151 Masterwork Special Research once again. This is a perfect chance to get yourself a Shiny Mew, but please bear in mind that the tasks to reach Shiny Mew take time, and are quite challenging. You must have a ticket to access it and the tickets are available until July 12, 2023, at 8 PM local time. Once you claim it, you can complete it at any time.

To complete the Shiny Mew All in One #151 Masterwork Special Research, besides patience and determination, you need to earn your platinum Kanto medal, reach level 40, catch 30 Pokemon of each existing type in the game, spin 151 unique Pokestops, catch 1510 Pokemon, and complete 151 Field Research tasks. But that is not all, you will need to walk 151km too. Sounds great, right?

The All in One #151 Masterwork Special Research has four steps, and Shiny Mew can be encountered after completing Step 3. That said, let’s look at all tasks and rewards below.

Pokemon Go All in One 151 Shiny Mew Research

All in One 151 Step 1 Tasks and Rewards

  • Get a Platinum Kanto Medal: 51 Ultra Ball
  • Send 151 Gifts to Friends: 1 Poffin
  • Make 151 Great Throws: 1,510 Stardust
  • Rewards: 5,100 XP, 1 Premium Battle Pass and 1,510 Stardust

All in One 151 Step 2 Tasks and Rewards

  • Catch a Pokemon 30 Days in a Row: 51 Ultra Ball
  • Catch 151 different species of Pokemon: 1 Glacial Lure
  • Catch 30 Normal type Pokemon: 151 XP
  • Catch 30 Fire-type Pokemon: 151 XP
  • Catch 30 Water-type Pokemon: 151 XP
  • Catch 30 Grass-type Pokemon: 151 XP
  • Catch 30 Flying type Pokemon: 151 XP
  • Catch 30 Fighting type Pokemon: 151 XP
  • Catch 30 Poison-type Pokemon: 151 XP
  • Catch 30 Electric type Pokemon: 151 XP
  • Catch 30 Ground-type Pokemon: 151 XP
  • Catch 30 Rock-type Pokemon: 151 XP
  • Catch 30 Psychic type Pokemon: 151 XP
  • Catch 30 Ice-type Pokemon: 151 XP
  • Catch 30 Bug-type Pokemon: 151 XP
  • Catch 30 Ghost-type Pokemon: 151 XP
  • Catch 30 Steel-type Pokemon: 151 XP
  • Catch 30 Dragon-type Pokemon: 151 XP
  • Catch 30 Dark-type Pokemon: 151 XP
  • Catch 30 Fairy-type Pokemon: 151 XP
  • Rewards: 5,100 XP, 3 Rare Candy and 1,510 Stardust

All in One 151 Step 3 Tasks and Rewards

  • Reach level 40: 4,000 Stardust
  • Spin 151 PokeStops: 3 Rocket Radar
  • Complete 151 Field Research Tasks: 3 Super Incubator
  • Walk 151km: 151 Ultra Ball
  • Catch 1510 Pokemon: 1 Incense
  • Rewards: 1 Starpiece, Shiny Mew, and 1 Lucky Egg

All in One 151 Step 4 Tasks and Rewards

  • Claim Rewards: 1,510 Stardust
  • Claim Rewards: 5,100 XP
  • Claim Rewards: 1,510 Stardust
  • Rewards : 3 Charged TM, 20 Mew Candy, and Shiny Mew Avatar T-Shirt

Now, players who already completed the Shiny Mew Special Research, will not be able to purchase the All in One 151 Masterwork Research. According to Niantic, Pokemon Go players can only hold one Shiny Mew. Well, what if someone can buy it for the second time, let’s say due to a bug, and gets a second Shiny Mew? This might happen, so let’s wait until someone reports it.

The Pokemon Go 7th Anniversary Party is underway, so make sure to participate, catch the two new Shiny costume Pokemon, complete the new Field Research tasks, and the Timed Research, and enjoy the event’s exclusive bonuses.

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