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Pokemon Go Compensation for Poliwag Community Day Trade Bonuses Issue, One Extra Special Trade and 50% Less Stardust for Trades

Trainers, mark your calendars, for Pokemon Go’s recent Poliwag Community Day on July 30, 2023, has come with a delightful twist. Niantic and Pokemon Go made a rare mistake during the event, and as an apology, they have generously extended special trade opportunities and reduced Stardust costs for trades. Let’s dive into the details of this unexpected bonus bonanza and how it impacts your Pokemon Go experience.

As the Poliwag Community Day festivities commenced, trainers were eager to participate in the special event that promised exciting bonuses and the opportunity to catch the Water-type Pokemon, Poliwag, in abundance. However, to the disappointment of many, Niantic and Pokemon Go experienced an oversight in the implementation of trade bonuses during the event. Before 10 PM local time, the trade bonuses were inactive, leading to frustration among the community.

Recognizing their mistake, Niantic and Pokemon Go were quick to acknowledge the issue and offer a sincere apology to the dedicated trainers. In a gesture to make amends, they decided to extend a series of special trade bonuses to compensate for the inconvenience caused during the Poliwag Community Day.

As part of the compensation package, trainers will now receive an additional Special Trade opportunity every day. During this unique period, trainers can enjoy a total of three Special Trades per day.

In addition to the extra Special Trade, Niantic and Pokemon Go have also taken the generous step of reducing the Stardust cost for trades. During this compensatory period, trainers will only need to spend half the usual amount of Stardust when engaging in trades. This reduction in Stardust’s cost opens up new possibilities for trainers to trade more freely and complete their Pokedex with ease.

The bonus bonanza, as an expression of Niantic and Pokemon Go’s appreciation for the Pokemon Go community, will last until August 2, 2023. During this limited-time period, trainers can make the most of the additional Special Trades and the reduced Stardust costs for trades. So, be sure to take advantage of these fantastic offers before they expire.

Mistakes happen, even in the world of Pokemon Go. However, it’s how we respond to these mishaps that define our experiences. Niantic and Pokemon Go have demonstrated their commitment to their player base by owning up to the oversight and offering delightful compensation. As trainers, we can embrace the spirit of adventure and forgiveness as we continue our journey to catch ’em all.

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