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Pokemon GO Creator Accused of Creating a “Boys Club” Devaluing Female Employees and Women of Color

Concerning news has appeared about Niantic, and we are very disappointed to hear what has been happening in the company.

A few hours ago, an article appeared on The Verge, where they say that a certain former Niantic employee accuses the company of devaluing the work of female employees and women of color. This is quite concerning, given the month-long drama surrounding the most popular game, Pokemon Go.

The Verge state that the former Niantic employee, who is now in a lawsuit against the company, accuses Niantic of creating a “boys club” meaning that male employees have bigger salaries in comparison to women, who have a higher job title and more responsibilities.

She also brought her concerns to Niantic’s Diversity Equity and Inclusion Director and Principal People Partner, but she found no luck there. Allegedly, her job evaluations were severely affected by this, and the reason for her being underpaid was that she discussed the concerns with other colleagues.

Wolfpack, the company’s employee resources group for women, conducted a survey where they found out that “female employees viewed Niantic as a sexist work culture that disadvantages female employees”. A very serious accusation.

So far, we have two reports from former and current Niantic employees who were kind enough to share their working environment with us.

The first, and now former employee, revealed that we got punished by echoing Pokemon Go players’ complaints, thus realizing that Niantic does not want to accept any kind of negative comments. While the second employee, currently working at Niantic, states that their leadership is a total “joke”. He was instructed then, that product managers are working in the company just so they can please and serve engineers.

*Big thanks to The Verge for the published article on these accusations.

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