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Pokemon Go How to Disable Go Plus+ Vibrations? There is Only One Way to Turn Off Vibrations

Trainers with a Pokemon Go Plus+ know how annoying the vibrations can be, and many players want to know how to turn off the vibrations. Unfortunately, the device doesn’t offer silent mode, and the only way to disable the vibrations is to remove the vibration motor.

The Pokemon Go Plus+ is the newest auto catcher, that allows you to use Great Balls and Ultra Balls. This device can also track your sleep and get you a Nightcap Snorlax. Nightcap Snorlax and Shiny Nightap Snorlax are available when pairing Pokemon Go with Pokemon Go Plus+. After you pair the app with the device, you will get a new Special Research Catching Some Z’s. This Special Research has only two steps, and to complete the first step, the device must track your sleep for seven days.

A Pokemon Go player who goes by ProfundaMaro on Reddit wanted to know how the device runs, so the player decided to open one. The player says it’s easy to open it. You have to remove the screws near the USB-C connector, and voila.

The vibration motor was the first thing ProfundaMaro removed. Those who have a Pokemon Go Plus+ device know how annoying these vibrations can be, and the not-so-cool part is that you can not turn it off. Yes, that’s right, it looks like you cannot turn off the vibration for Pokemon Go, The manual says that sound, vibration, and light can be disabled/silent mode, but it looks like this only works for Pokemon Sleep.

Pokemon GO Plus+ insides
by u/ProfundaMaro in TheSilphRoad

If you are wondering how to remove it, we got your back. Here are the steps:

  • Remove the acres near the USB-C connector
  • The mainboard is connected to the vibration motor with two wires, red and black (see the image below)
  • Snip the wires

NOTE: This is permanent. It would require soldering to connect the vibration motor again.

ProfundaMaro removed the two LEDs, as they are very bright. When asked about the battery and whether it’s easy to replace, ProfundaMaro said that replacing the battery is doable.

What are your thoughts about the Pokemon Go Plus+? Did you get one? Let us know in the comments below.

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