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Pokemon Go How to Follow Routes?

In the vast and thrilling world of Pokemon GO, Trainers have the opportunity to embark on exciting adventures by following pre-defined paths known as Routes. These paths are created by various entities, including Niantic, official partners, and fellow Trainers. As you journey along a Route, you may encounter Pokemon and discover valuable items, while completing it grants you special rewards and a unique Route Badge featuring a custom photo from the start or end point.

To begin your exploration of Routes, simply tap on the Binoculars menu and select the Route tab. This will reveal a list of nearby locations that serve as Route start points. By tapping “See Nearby Routes,” the map expands, displaying a selection of available Routes. The list can be sorted using the flag button in the bottom right corner, with the default showing Routes nearest to your location.

Each Route provides essential details, including the number of Trainers who followed it, your personal following count, the distance, and an approximate time estimate for completion. Scroll further to find additional Trainer-provided information, such as a description of the Route, any Route Tags associated with it, elevation changes, and the original creator’s identity.

Once you’ve found a Route that intrigues you, tap the “Follow” button to start your adventure. However, keep in mind that the Route won’t activate until you approach the designated start point. If you’re too far away, a message will appear on the Map View to notify you. When you’re within range, a blue flag above the Poké Stop indicates the Route’s start point, and it will automatically begin. For those already close enough, the Route commences right away.

As you progress along the path shown on the Map View, its color changes to reflect your completion status. Some Routes are designed as one-way journeys, while others allow for reverse following or form loops, depending on the Route creator’s preferences. To review your active Route’s details at any time, tap the Route icon above the Binoculars menu.

Feel free to pause your Route by tapping the “Pause Route” button if needed. When paused, you can return to the exact spot and tap the button again to resume your adventure. To exit a Route, scroll to the bottom of the Route details screen and tap “Quit Route.” A confirmation screen will appear, and upon tapping “Quit Route” again, you’ll exit the Route.

Upon reaching the end point (or the start point if it’s a loop), you’ll be rewarded with the Route Badge, which features a unique image from either the start or end location. Just like Gym Badges, each Route has its own individual Badge, and you can level it up by completing the same Route multiple times.

To view all your Route Badges, head to your Trainer Profile under the Routes section. After completing a Route, you’ll receive confirmation, along with details about any item rewards earned during the journey, all recorded in your Journal.

Don’t forget to rate the Route after completion. While your rating helps assess the quality of the Route, it won’t be made public. If you’ve previously rated the same Route, you won’t encounter this screen again.

If you come across a Route that violates Niantic’s Terms of Service or Player Guidelines, you can report it directly from within Pokemon GO. On the Route details screen, scroll to the bottom and tap “Report Route.” Follow the prompts and answer the provided questions to aid Niantic in their investigation. Although you may not receive direct feedback, rest assured that Niantic will review your report and take appropriate action if necessary. Alternatively, you can also report a Route from the rating screen by giving it a 1-star rating and tapping “Report Route.”

While exploring a Route, you may see a Zygarde Cell. Zygarde Cells are the components that make up Zygarde, the Order Pokémon. You can collect Zygarde Cells in your Zygarde Cube and use these cells to change Zygarde’s form. You will need to collect 250 Cells to reach its Zygarde Complete Forme.

To encounter Zygarde 10%, you must access and complete the From A to Zygarde Special Research story.

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