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Pokemon Go New Routes Feature Details, Approval Time and More

New features, new problems. Nothing new in Pokemon GO, to be honest.

A Reddit user going by the name u/Impossible_Ad_8304 has published a thread where they go into detail on how the newest feature Routes works in Pokemon GO. Many players have so many questions in their heads, so here are some key points about how the Route feature works in Pokemon GO:

  • Routes are apparently reviewed by Niantic
  • Routes only need a start and end point (both can be the same stop)
  • It is smart to choose a start and end point while creating a Route
  • Routes require a minimum of 0.5km
  • The limit currently is four or five Routes created per week.
  • If you choose a Route that involves a Cemetary, it is an instant rejection
  • Routes with specific spawns are pointless, not many spawns are happening
  • Sorting is available by nearest, length, and level
  • If you minimize the game or do a Raid, it will cause a disruption and you will probably have to go back

From what we are seeing, many players report that the whole approval process is unnecessarily long, to the point where Trainers have to wait for days to get their Routes approved.

Have you created a Route? Did you have any problems? Please share it with us in the comments below.

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  1. I do not have the ability to make Routes as of yet. All good. Its 115° where I live. I can wait..there aren’t even any routes available to me either.

  2. I made three. One, in less than 30 minutes, had the status of PUBLISHED, but currently doesn’t show up for other players. My two others have a UNDER REVIEW status.

  3. I created 4 routes yesterday and 1 the day before – still waiting for their approvals. I had to re-do two routes as i wasn’t able to plot end point. I haven’t seen any other routes by anyone else to follow yet which is annoying because ii means i can’t complete my Zygarde research.

  4. Still unable to create a route. It appears no trainers in the area we live can create a route. Kind of silly to roll something out and not have it completely ready to go. I get having bugs but this is just plain old poor deployment.

  5. I created 3 routes during beta testing. 2 were approved the next day. The other route took 2 days for approval. I’ve created 3 routes in the past few days since routes went live. All 3 are under review. Today is Sunday, the pending routes were created 1) Friday AM, 2) Saturday afternoon & 3) Sunday AM. I’ve yet to encounter any routes in my area created by other players. Hope to see this change soon!

  6. I created 5 routes this week. The second route I tried to create failed because I didn’t designate an end point at the beginning of route creation. Nothing I did would trigger the route to end. So I had to cancel the route.

  7. I travelled 30 minutes to find a route, which was the closet one to where I live, once there i could only completed 2 routes. It was very frustrating to compete, I went back three times to try but I should known better and in the end I gave up with complete frustration. You would think that Niantic after 7 years of trying to get their act together, would iron out other issues within the game instead of rolling out more problems then trying to resolve them at a later date. . Players patience is been tested definitely and just wish they could do much better with the game before its too late!!!!

  8. My game crashed at least 6 times creating a 1.5 km route. Had to resume after reloading the game each time. Made a route 5 days ago and still not approved. There are no routes anywhere around me for miles, so I can’t even take advantage of the 2/3 candy bonus for my Kyogre buddy. Overall very poor experience.

  9. I have had 3 routes pending approval for about 4 days now. The vetting process is too long. I am one of 5 trainers who are able to make Routes in my town. And none of ours have been approved.

  10. I’ve created 4 routes on 7/21 and none have been published yet. I’ve walked 5 routes and got a cell on my 4th try.

  11. I have done 5 on 7/7 7/13 7/18 7/22 7/22. The 4 in a week isn’t working because it still isn’t working for me. I’ve had 2 approved immediately and 3 saying waiting. I don’t have a clue what is supposed to b going on. I wad told 4 or 5 in a week

  12. I have submitted 5 routes last week and now I’m currently unable to submit any more. It says that I can, but once I load up the routes feature it will let me select and start and end point but once I click the proceed button It will not start recording a new route. None of the routes I created have been approved and I created them on July 20th and 21st. There is only 1 route I have been able to find out of 4 towns in a 30 mile range. This feature is the worst rollout I have experienced to date and already I’m losing interest in it due to the lack thereof after being extremely exited for this feature to make its way to the game.

    1. Got exactly the same issue. I just messaged Niantic Support in-app. Relieved to see it’s not just an isolated issue. I guess as the beta-testers, we just have to wait for the full rollout. 🙁

  13. I’ve done 5 routes 1 on the 6th of July and 4 on the 22 of July and they are all still under review still have no routes in our area

  14. Created routes on July21 and 22. Made 5 and cannot make more – all are under review. There are only two routes in my area. If you navigate away from the game to raid, send a gift, or nearly anything else, the route pauses and you have to go back and pick up the route. In the steaming hot summer this is one of the worst roll-outs imaginable. Nearly a complete fail. Oh, and I have not found a single cell yet. But in the blazing sun I can hardly see the screen!

  15. Two routes submitted one yesterday one today, no sign of any update. No visible routes anywhere. Bucharest area, Romania.

  16. I have 2 approved routes (13 & 16/7) , 4 under review (from June 23rd to July 22nd) and i am not able to make any more submission. . It says that I can make new route, but once I load up the routes feature it will let me select and start and end point but once I click the proceed button It will not start recording a new route. I had the warning about max number route submitted but it is gone again Didn’t get a single cell for going my approved route more than 20 times .. probably not long enough to get a cell spawn (only 550m). Adventure sync and route is a trouble combo. It will cause the route to pause if it wants to start at all ..

  17. I’ve have gotten 6 to publish. 5 of them just went live on the 28th, they were submitted on the 23rd. I keep checking everyday about 2 times a day to see when I can create more. At the moment it keeps giving me a message stating no more can be submitted at this time.

  18. Was selected in 1st beta wave around a July 1st. I’ve had 13 published most 1st week of July and all were published within 1-2 minutes if it even took that long. Now I have 3 submitted 7/21-7/23 all stuck in review and I also have the problem of being able to select start point etc… but it will not start recording and have to return to the game. Must be a big they can’t figure out so won’t announce it yet. FYI I have tried o. Multiple devices with no success.

  19. I created 5 routes. One took 6 days to get approved another took 3 days. I have 3 that are still under review made at same time as the one that took 6 days.

  20. Sigh. In my area (Espoo, Finland) there are currently two routes available. One I walked back and forth. I’ve submitted two, one on Friday (18.8.) one today. Both pending. Before that I tried to do one, that was just looping resume – quit – resume – quit when I tried to end it (finally I quit). There was a game update soon after and the next two attempts went fine.
    I’d just like to see more routes here, walking that one park path (where the closest available one is) get’s soon dull.

    Yeah How about checking that the features work before rolling them out.

  21. Since it was rolled out I’ve been mostly in Porto, Portugal but also had to make a trip to Vancouver, Canada – no routes found anywhere I looked in those two cities. Found one at the airport in Amsterdam, in the boarding area, but was in a hurry to switch planes and didn’t have time to follow it.

    I’ve gotten the ability to create routes this week I guess (at least I hadn’t noticed it before) and so have a few more people in my area. I’ve created one a couple of nights ago, through a park in Moreira Maia (Portugal), and another today in Porto city. I can already see that it’ll take a while to get them approved (if they are indeed approved).

    1. 1 month later and all 4 routes I’ve created in the meantime are still waiting approval.
      My brother has created 3 – 2 still pending approval, and one that was approved almost immediately 😕

  22. I made five routes all over a month ago. One was rejected almost instantly, the other four are still under review. And because you can only submit five routes in can’t make any more ….

  23. Created 1 route and 3 days later still under review!! No routes available in our area, have to travel 30 minutes away for nearest route!! Frustrated in Texas!!!

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