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Pokemon Go Player Gets Spin-Capped for Reaching the PokeStop Spin Limit

Trainers, PokeDaxi, a well-known content creator for Pokemon Go, experienced its first spin-cap. For those unfamiliar with the term spin-cap, it refers to a limit on the number of times a player can spin PokeStops in a given time frame. Yes, you read that right – there is a limit on how many PokeStops you can spin in a day and a week

If you’re an avid Pokemon Go player, you might have come across daily and weekly catch limits and PokeStop spin limits. These limits might come as a surprise, and many players want to know more about them to maximize their gameplay. Let’s dive deeper into this topic and uncover the details behind these limits.

In Pokemon Go, Niantic has implemented catch and PokeStop spin limits to maintain game balance and prevent excessive farming. These limits are in place to ensure that players engage in diverse gameplay and don’t rely solely on mass-catching or spinning.

The daily catch limit refers to the maximum number of Pokemon you can catch in a 24-hour period. Once you reach this limit, any additional Pokemon you attempt to catch will break out of the PokeBall and flee, making it impossible to capture them. The weekly catch limit extends beyond the daily limit, encompassing the total number of Pokemon caught in a week. Reaching the weekly catch limit can restrict your ability to catch more Pokemon until the weekly reset.

Similar to the daily catch limit, the daily spin limit is the maximum number of PokeStops you can spin in a 24-hour period. After reaching this limit, you won’t be able to spin PokeStops for a temporary period. The weekly spin limit takes into account the cumulative number of PokeStops spun within a week. Once you hit this limit, any additional spins beyond the weekly cap will trigger an error message.

Reaching the catch or spin limits can be a noteworthy achievement for dedicated players. According to reports from players who reached the limits, the daily catch limit is approximately 4,800, while the weekly catch limit is around 14,000.

As for spinning PokeStops, the daily spin limit is approximately 1,200, and the weekly spin limit is about 7,000. It’s essential to keep track of your catches and spins to avoid exceeding these limits.

While hitting the catch and spin limits can be a fascinating accomplishment, the primary goal of Pokemon Go is to explore and enjoy the game’s diverse elements. Engaging in various activities, such as participating in raids, completing research tasks, and exploring different habitats, will keep the gameplay fresh and rewarding.

Understanding the catch and spin limits in Pokemon Go can enhance your gaming experience and prevent any surprises when reaching these thresholds. Niantic’s intention behind these limits is to foster a balanced and enjoyable gameplay environment for all Trainers.

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  1. Niantic: “We losing a ton of money and everyone regards us as the worst entry in the pokemon franchise….. Business classes are actually mentioning us in their textbooks after we lost 90% of our playerbase…. How can we fix this?!”
    Also Niantic: “*** THE PLAYERS!!!”

    1. I just want to know who catches that many pokemon don’t people have jobs kids and other things in life that are more important then then trying to catch 4500 pokemon in one day that crazy I don’t think I catch more then 200 a day and that a lot cause I work have kids and do other life things

  2. Imagine finding a shiny and not being able to catch it because you exceeded the limit of catching..

    1. I encountered a shiny Latias and used all of my gold berries and 300 ultra balls and couldn’t catch it. It was during the Go fest where you had to take a snapshot of it to beable to catch it.

  3. The people who do this have an android app called PgSharp which let’s you be anywhere and make any walk route with auto spin and catch. So they can work and their phone will literally walk all day and spin. I know this because I capped out using this over 45 times in a year. To do it naturally I always thought would be nearly impossible unless you worked in a dense downtown area like Lorissa Greece and you had a Gotcha running all day (Gotchas are legal)

  4. Imagine having enough time to spin 1200 stops and catch nearly 5000 Pokémon every day y’all people need to get a life off of your phones. Goddamn

  5. Pokemon Go is BS. Some people live within 2-3 pokestops, or even better, a gym, they can spin without leaving their armchair, and some people would have to walk a fair distance to spin just one. It makes for a completely unbalanced game where one persona can spin all day and all night and the other has no access at all.

    1. Pogo is exactly like life, not fair, some people are blessed with pokestops close,others are not. Make the most of it or don’t play- your choice, move along….

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