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Pokemon Go Players Frustrated With XP Leechers Who Unfriend Immediately

Ever since the dawn of time, there have been people that use others for their benefit and then ghost them. Well, this is also happening in Pokemon Go.

There is a feature in Pokemon Go called Friends, where players connect with other players and send gifts to each other. Once befriended, the other Trainer can see all info about you: most recently caught Pokemon, your Buddy Pokemon, number of battles won, and more. To make things more interesting, there is the Friend level, where Trainers get extra bonuses once a new Friendship level has been unlocked. But here lies the problem.

Many Trainers expressed their discontent with other Trainers (who are called XP leechers) that unfriend almost immediately after they get the “Best Friend” bonus, which is a hefty one, to be honest. This leaves the genuine Trainers without the “Best Friend” bonus and without a Best Friend in Pokemon Go.

At first, we thought that this is happening to a limited number of people, but we stumbled upon a Reddit thread, where Trainers talk freely about anything without being judged. To our surprise, the top comments were regarding this problem, the XP leechers.

The top comments are:

“People taking XP and then unfriending immediately! Seriously they are the worst players out there!”

“Someone did this to me today after becoming ultra friends. Seems a little bit bizarre.”

What do you think about this? Has this happened to you? Please share it with us in the comments below.

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  1. This was a few years a go that this happened to me. It was a international player I don’t remember from where but we got to the ultra friends rank then the next day I noticed that he was no longer on my friends list.

  2. I’ve unfriended after beasties, but only if there is no way to trade. I wish we’d have unlimited trade distances. For unfriending, i.will.wait a few days..there is nothing more frustrating than becoming lucky friends and then being 5000 miles away.

  3. It’s life get over it people have a right to do what they want with there account so deal with it. Stop bei so sensitive about little thing’s if you don’t like it then say you don’t like the connection between friends instead of calling people names because of your low self-esteem PERIOD.

      1. I don’t see why else they might come off as somehow being offended by the name calling…?

    1. “Stop being so sensitive” and “stop calling people names” seem to contradict each other here…because it seems you might be somehow sensitive to said name calling (maybe you’re one of these people dedicated players are referring to, don’t know, don’t care). Maybe take your own advice?

  4. I mean, if you can’t trade with the person then it’s not like being best friends has any real benefit beyond the XP and maybe their vivillion pattern, if they’re from a rare region and actually send out gifts

    1. Well yes, but isn’t it offending in a way if I get the XP, and I unfriend you before you even get the chance to get that amount of XP? At least that is how I am looking at this problem. I would wait for the other player to get the amount of XP before unfriending them if I have to…

  5. This is honestly why I’m a jerk with my gift giving. I will leave it sitting at 2 days until we die before sending you the gift that gives you control.

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