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Pokemon Go Plus Not Able to Catch Pokemon with Identify Nearby Pokemon On After Restart

Trainers, there is a bug that stops Go Plus from catching Pokemon after restarting the game, and you must turn off and on again the Identify Nearby Pokemon setting so the device works again.

The Pokemon Go community is experiencing another bug, but this time with the Go Plus device. Everyone thought they would mess up the new Go Plus + device, but it looks like they want to mess up the older version, the Go Plus.

Reports say the device will not catch Pokemon with Identify Nearby Pokemon setting on. This happens after restarting the game. So, how to fix it?

Bug: After Restarting Game, GO Plus Will Not Try to Catch Pokemon Even Though "Identify Nearby Pokemon" is Enabled. Have to Disable and Re-Enable the Setting Before Catching Works Again.
by u/InvisibleSoul8 in TheSilphRoad

To fix the Go Plus not able to catch Pokemon bug, you must disable and enable the Identify Nearby Pokemon setting.

The game is full of bugs, the GBL is down, players are not able to trade, and now this. Is this how they focus on a game after firing 230 employees?

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