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Pokémon GO Riolu Hatch Day Shiny Odds, Reports Say 1/10

The much-awaited Riolu Hatch Day has arrived, and Pokémon GO players worldwide are eager to embark on a thrilling adventure in pursuit of the elusive Shiny Riolu. With increased chances of encountering this rare Pokémon, Trainers are ready to make the most of this limited-time event. In this article, we’ll explore all the essential details about the Riolu Hatch Day and the exciting bonuses that await the participants.

The Riolu Hatch Day event is scheduled to take place on Saturday, July 22, 2023, from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time. During this three-hour window, players will have the opportunity to encounter Riolu more frequently from 2 km Eggs and increase their chances of hatching the coveted Shiny Riolu. Trainers participating in the Riolu Hatch Day are in for a treat, as the odds of hatching Shiny Riolu have significantly increased for the duration of the event. This means that players have a higher chance of encountering the elusive and visually striking Shiny variant of Riolu during the event.

During the Riolu Hatch Day event, players can enjoy many exciting bonuses to enhance their Pokémon GO experience. The bonuses include:

  • Riolu from 2 km Eggs: Riolu will hatch much more frequently from 2 km Eggs, making it easier for Trainers to obtain this desirable Pokémon.
  • Increased Shiny Riolu Chance: The event boosts the chances of hatching Shiny Riolu, offering players a greater opportunity to add this rare Pokémon to their collection.
  • 2× Stardust from Hatching Eggs: Hatching Eggs during the event will grant Trainers double the usual amount of Stardust, a valuable resource for powering up Pokémon.
  • Increased 2 km Egg Drops: PokéStops will drop 2 km Eggs more frequently, providing players with more chances to hatch Riolu.

As part of the Riolu Hatch Day event, Trainers can also complete event-themed Field Research tasks by spinning Photo Discs at PokéStops. These tasks offer rewards such as Stardust, Berries, Poke Balls, and Great Balls, adding more excitement and rewards to the event.

Trainers eager to add Shiny Riolu to their collections will be pleased to know that the shiny rate for Riolu during the event is approximately 1 in 10. This means that for every ten Riolu encounters, there is a high likelihood of finding a Shiny Riolu.

The Riolu Hatch Day event provides a fantastic opportunity for Pokémon GO players to participate in a fun-filled adventure and increase their chances of obtaining Shiny Riolu. With the event-exclusive bonuses and increased encounter rates, Trainers are encouraged to make the most of the event and hatch as many 2 km Eggs as possible.

The Riolu Hatch Day is a special occasion for Pokémon GO players to dive into an exciting event, with increased odds of hatching Shiny Riolu and numerous bonuses to enjoy. With limited-time rewards and the chance to encounter the elusive Shiny Riolu, Trainers are eager to embark on their adventure and make this event truly memorable.

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