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Pokémon GO Routes Guide: What are Routes and How to Create Routes

Pokémon GO has always been about exploration and adventure, but now Niantic is taking it to the next level with the introduction of Routes. This exciting new feature allows Trainers to create and share their walking paths with the wider Pokémon GO community.

Pokémon GO Routes are a new type of exploration feature introduced by Niantic. They allow Trainers to record their walking paths while playing the game and then share them with the Pokémon GO community. Routes offer a free-form type of User Generated Content, enabling players to express their creativity and provide valuable insights into exciting locations. Niantic encourages Trainers to embrace their creativity when creating Routes. Whether it’s a scenic walk across a nearby hillside or a daily dog walking route, Routes can reflect the unique experiences and interests of each Trainer. Players have the freedom to explore, discover, and share their favorite locations, making Pokémon GO even more personal and engaging.

While Routes offer creative freedom, Niantic ensures that inappropriate or offensive content is not promoted. Routes that pass through forbidden areas or feature inappropriate shapes or symbols will be suppressed. The focus is on fostering a positive and respectful environment for all players to enjoy.

Creating a Route in Pokémon GO is a straightforward process. Trainers simply open the game, activate the Route feature, and select a starting PokéStop or Gym. As they walk, the game will display an outline of the newly recorded Route under the Trainer avatar, providing a preview of the final path. Routes can be circular, starting and ending at the same PokéStop or Gym, requiring only one location to begin the journey. After recording the Route, players can add a name, description, tags, and even their Trainer name if desired.

Walking a Route comes with exciting bonuses for Trainers, although Niantic is keeping the specifics under wraps. What we know is that walking Routes will reward players with XP, passive bonuses, and increased Pokémon spawns. These bonuses add an extra layer of enjoyment and encourage players to explore new Routes for valuable rewards.

Niantic emphasizes that Routes will play a crucial role in enhancing the gameplay for rural players. Walking Routes can become an excellent source of XP and provide a variety of Pokémon encounters, leveling the playing field for trainers in remote areas. Routes not only encourage individual exploration but also foster a sense of community. Trainers can discover and follow the Routes created by others, experiencing magical moments, uncovering secret spots, and enjoying cool art murals. The camaraderie among Trainers will be strengthened as they share their knowledge and experiences through Routes.

Chad Jones, Senior Product Manager at Niantic, envisions Routes as a way for Trainers to connect on a deeper level with the game and their surroundings. The feature aims to offer a guided experience akin to having a personal guide, leading players to places they might have otherwise missed.

Make a Route

  • Choose a PokéStop or Gym to be your starting point.
  • Hit record to begin mapping your Route.
  • Fill out some info about your Route, then submit it for review.
  • Once accepted, Trainers can follow your Route!

Exploring a Route

  • Check the Route tab from the Nearby menu to see local Routes.
  • Choose one that catches your eye.
  • Follow the Route and enjoy exploring!

Zygarde Cells

  • Keep an eye out while you’re exploring a Route—you might come across a Zygarde Cell!
  • Zygarde Cells are the components that make up Zygarde, the Order Pokémon. You can collect Zygarde Cells in your Zygarde Cube and use these cells to change Zygarde’s form.
  • Encounter Zygarde in the Special Research story “From A to Zygarde”!

With the introduction of Routes, Pokémon GO is set to enter a new era of exploration and community engagement. Trainers can now unleash their creativity, sharing their favorite paths with the world. The diverse and exciting bonuses of walking Routes will undoubtedly elevate the gameplay for players, making the journey in Pokémon GO more captivating and rewarding than ever before.

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