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Pokemon GO The Funniest and Illogical Things We Have Done In The Name Of Pokemon

Sometimes, no matter how wise and smart we are, we all have fallen into the pits of stupidity, especially in the earliest days of Pokemon GO.

Many of us have done inexplicable things to catch a Pokemon, and have gotten into cars with total strangers to drive up to that pesky little Lapras or Dragonite. But I think what I have done is probably the stupidest thing ever.

Remember the golden days of Pokemon GO, when the game was working and Shiny Pokemon had just started appearing? Well, I caught several Shiny Magikarp, and I am sure some of them were shundos. Guess what my brilliant mind did: I transferred them all because I didn’t like the color. Yes, I did that. What an illiterate dweeb I was back then.

Some of the Trainers I have in my surroundings did the following: chased down a Pokemon down to a cemetery in the middle of the night; others ran several miles to get to an important Raid; the third stopped in the middle of a busy highway to catch a Seviper.

As I said, we have all done inexplicable things when it comes to Pokemon GO.

What is your funny moment? Please share it with us in the comments below.

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