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Pokemon GO Twitter User Shares Few Ideas On How To Make The Game Better

The Pokemon GO community is one of the most creative gaming communities that we have seen so far. Kudos to them for trying to make the game better, even if most of the time their ideas aren’t even heard. But that is why we are here.

When talking about daily limits, we have heard many players saying that it is absurd that Pokemon GO has such a low daily limit, especially on remote raids. It is not enough, so the limit should be increased to at least 20 to 30.

A “Ready” button is a solid idea, and we think that Niantic should implement this, especially in Raid lobbies. We personally have been in lobbies with six other Trainers, waiting for the timer to expire, even though we were all ready for the battle to begin. So a “Ready” button is great to have.

Temporary PokeStops. FleeceKing’s ideas that he shared with us on Twitter are pretty good to be honest. As he suggests, there should be temporary PokeStops in Pokemon GO, and they should be planted anywhere. This is a great mechanic that will help rural players.

Gyms are boring. Once one of the most exciting features in Pokemon GO, Gyms have become something that many Trainers would pass in a heartbeat. Niantic needs to change everything about Gyms. Increase PokeCoins, change the Pokemon, maybe even allow for players to put Legendaries in it.

There are many other ideas by FleeceKing. Listen to him, and Pokemon GO will go back to its glory days.

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