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Pokémon GO Zygarde Cell Drop Rates, Routes with a 50% Chance of Encountering a Zygarde Cell

Pokémon GO enthusiasts have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Zygarde, the latest addition to the game. Many players are excited to learn how to obtain this powerful Pokémon and how to change its Forme. However, acquiring Zygarde and completing its transformation is no simple feat, it requires time, effort, and a thorough understanding of the game’s new feature, Routes.

To celebrate the introduction of Routes into Pokémon GO, Niantic launched the “Blaze New Trails” event. This exciting event is scheduled to conclude on July 24, 2023, at 8 PM local time, giving players ample opportunity to explore all the event’s features and enjoy the accompanying bonuses.

The highlight of the event was the long-awaited debut of Zygarde in Pokémon GO. Initially, players could encounter Zygarde in its 10% Forme by completing the Special Research story titled “From A to Zygarde.” However, completing this Special Research is no walk in the park, as it involves navigating through five challenging Routes to eventually encounter Zygarde. Also, to complete step four, you must “Find a Zygarde Cell.”

To “unlock” Zygarde’s Complete Forme, players must collect 250 Zygarde Cells. These Cells can be obtained exclusively through the exploration of Routes. Once you have amassed enough Cells, they are stored within a Zygarde Cube, and you can use them to change Zygarde’s Forme, unleashing its true potential.

A diligent Pokémon GO player known as ufovictim on Reddit conducted an insightful analysis of the Zygarde Cells drop rate. Through their meticulous observations, they discovered some valuable details about Routes and how Zygarde Cells appear during gameplay.

Here are the key findings, as per ufovictim.

  • Seven Routes per Day: The player walked through seven Routes each day to assess Zygarde Cell appearances.
  • First-Time Chance: There seems to be a 50% chance of a Zygarde Cell appearing on the player’s first time through a Route each day.
  • Subsequent Re-runs: After the initial run-through, Cells do not spawn on subsequent re-runs of the same Route.
  • No Impact from Speed or Catching Pokémon: The player’s speed or catching activities during a Route does not influence Zygarde Cell spawns.
  • Cell Appearance Time: Zygarde Cells typically appear within a 50-meter radius about 10 seconds after starting the Route.
  • Manual Collection: Cells do not get auto-collected if the player exits a Route; they must tap on the Cell to collect it.
  • Non-Reappearance: Cells do not re-appear when the player re-runs the same Route.

If you haven’t encountered Zygarde Cells yet, don’t worry – armed with this valuable information, you can now embark on your mission with a better understanding of how to obtain and utilize them.

We would like to know how many Routes you’ve walked and how many Zygarde Cells you’ve obtained so far. Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Do Routes really exist? I think not
    Zero routes seen, despite walking, biking and driving 6+ miles through 6 different towns, in 3 directions (mountains in the way on one side), past known concentrations of P Stops
    We live in suburban Los Angeles County, CA

  2. I’ve done 7 routes. 2 different ones. And I have not found a cell. One did pop up and I collected it and finished the route. It did not register that I’ve collected one.

  3. Two routes completed 5 times each no cells even spotted. Either they are super hard to find or I have really bad luck.

    1. Hi, the cells are hard to recognise, it is like a small spark of light flashing (very small) usually close to the route, I found 4 in total always towards the end of the route. Good luck

  4. Not a single route and I went from Texas to North Carolina and there was not a single route along the way or near where I live

  5. I’ve found 3 rare routes, yes there is practically none in the capital of sweden and noone can make them. As the looks of those i found it ’s tourists who made them, thank you for visiting ! I got none cells though

  6. Finally got a one route within a multi-mile radius of my home. In the middle of a major US city for reference. No cells and I don’t know a single person who has found one.

  7. lots of routes were published July 28, now there is a route in walking distance from my house. walked 5 different routes some once, some walked and reversed. for total of 10 routes. got research done for finding cell on 1st route. No more cells since. Have walked 5 days in a row, there is a counter for 7 days, don’t know what reward will be.

  8. I’ve made three routes, they’ve been approved. Walked them 6 times with zero (0) cells appearing. Sucks when it’s 97* with a heat index of 110* in Florida!

  9. 3 different routes. 7 total routes, only 1 cell!!
    Super mad as I had to walk in the heat for 15-30 minutes!!

  10. I live in NYC….. I have been on probably about 50 routes some multiple, some reversed and have 13 cells! Today I did 7 different routes and got 1 cell! It is so frustrating!

  11. 39 routes completed. 24 Zygarde cells. They appear close to the end and seem to be based on route distance. 1 for shorter routes (657m) which don’t appear every time and 2 for longer (3,670m)

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