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Pokemon Sleep Research Areas, Raise your Snorlax on One of the Four Islands

Embark on an enchanting journey in the dreamlands of Pokémon Sleep, where a whole new region awaits exploration.

These dream islands are teeming with various Pokémon, each island offering a unique and mesmerizing experience. As a trainer, you will have the opportunity to raise your Snorlax on these islands, choosing one to visit each week, as long as you have unlocked it.

If you wish to change the island, the E-Zzz Travel Ticket provides you with the flexibility to do so. Let’s delve into the captivating landscapes and the Pokémon types that make each island truly special.

Here are all the research areas and islands where one can raise a Snorlax.

Pokemon Sleep Greengrass Isle

Greengrass Isle is the largest and most diverse island in the region, boasting lush, fertile land adorned with vibrant greenery. It is a paradise for nature enthusiasts and Pokémon trainers alike. The island is a habitat for an extensive variety of Pokémon, representing all kinds of types. From the nimble Grass-types to the majestic Flying-types, Greengrass Isle offers a rich assortment of Pokémon to encounter and befriend. Explore the vast landscape, traverse dense forests, and experience the beauty of a thriving ecosystem where Pokémon coexist in harmony.

Pokemon Sleep Cyan Beach

Imagine a shore of fine white sand stretching endlessly, caressed by a gentle sea breeze – the idyllic scene of Cyan Beach. This island is a sanctuary for Water-type Pokémon, where they frolic in the crystal-clear waters and play along the coastline. You’ll be captivated by the stunning aquatic Pokémon that call this island home. From the adorable Water starters to the majestic Water Legendaries, Cyan Beach offers a captivating array of Water-type Pokémon to encounter and catch. Soak in the tranquility of the beach and form special bonds with these aquatic companions.

Pokemon Sleep Taupe Hollow

Delve into the mysterious world of Taupe Hollow, an island hidden beneath the earth’s surface. Shafts of sunlight pierce through the open ceiling, illuminating the cavern walls, creating an otherworldly ambiance. Here, the Earth-type Pokémon reign supreme. Ground-types and Rock-types thrive in this subterranean wonderland. Explore the labyrinthine tunnels, uncover hidden treasures, and befriend the stalwart Ground-type Pokémon and formidable Rock-types that dwell within the depths. Prepare for thrilling adventures in the heart of Taupe Hollow.

Pokemon Sleep Snowdrop Tundra

Snowdrop Tundra presents a breathtaking sight – a frozen expanse dotted with delicate flowers that manage to bloom despite the relentless snowfall. This icy paradise is home to an abundance of Ice-type Pokémon. Encounter the elegant Ice-types gliding gracefully across the snow and discover the formidable Ice-type Pokémon that brave the cold with resilience. Whether it’s the icy elegance of Glaceon or the majestic power of Kyurem, Snowdrop Tundra offers a captivating experience for trainers seeking the frosty allure of Ice-type Pokémon.

As you traverse the dream islands in Pokémon Sleep, you’ll encounter surprises at every turn. Each island offers a distinct ambiance, teeming with Pokémon that match its unique environment. From the verdant wilderness of Greengrass Isle to the tranquil shores of Cyan Beach, and from the underground wonder of Taupe Hollow to the frozen beauty of Snowdrop Tundra, every island promises a delightful and immersive Pokémon experience. So, choose your destination, raise your Snorlax, and embark on a dreamy adventure like never before. The dreamlands await your exploration, and the Pokémon are ready to form unbreakable bonds with you in the captivating world of Pokémon Sleep.

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