Resident Evil 9 Rumored for 2025 Launch

The Resident Evil franchise has held gamers in its grip with a series of exhilarating releases since 2017. According to notable gaming insider Dusk Golem, fans might have to wait until 2025 to launch Resident Evil 9. This information has been a hot topic in an era when leaks are just as exciting as the official news.

Unconfirmed reports suggest Capcom has a fresh line-up of releases for nearly every year, alternating between remakes, brand-new entries, and DLCs. This approach has kept the Resident Evil universe in constant motion, leaving fans eager for the next installment. The recently launched remake of Resident Evil 4 and last year’s Resident Evil Village: Winters’ Expansion has only fueled this anticipation.

The information about Resident Evil 9’s launch in 2025 comes from Dusk Golem’s conversation on a fellow leaker, The Snitch’s Discord server, which was subsequently shared on Reddit. Dusk Golem, known for its reliable insights into the gaming world, stated that their “trustworthy” sources hint at a 2025 release for the next numbered RE title.

This news has left fans excited and speculating about what Capcom might offer in the interim. The Separate Ways expansion for Resident Evil 4, focusing on the intriguing character Ada Wong, has been flagged as a significant possibility to tide players over until the next big release.

Dusk Golem also dropped a tantalizing hint about the direction of the Resident Evil series. They suggested that Resident Evil 9, rumored to be in development since 2018, might be the final numbered game in the series. What that means for the franchise’s future remains a topic of intense speculation.

Resident Evil 9 to Launch in 2025, Reveal Likely Set for 2024 – Rumour

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