The Next Escape From Tarkov Wipe Confirmed for August

During today’s TarkovTV podcast, Battlestate Games revealed the roadmap for Escape From Tarkov. Among the key revelations was the confirmation that the next wipe will occur in August. Although later than some fans hoped, the wipe brings many changes and improvements.

The roadmap unveiled several exciting updates, including the introduction of loadout presets, randomized loot container spawns, and the ability to select a body part to heal with a hotkey. Trading within the game will also become smoother with an updated trading user interface (UI).

Quality of Life (QoL) features are set to receive significant enhancements, making gameplay more engaging and user-friendly. Also, the game is expected to switch to Unity 2021, which should deliver improved graphics and performance.

Weapon enthusiasts have something to look forward to as well. The game will add several new weapons, including the PKM, SVT, AVT, AK-12, Sawed-off, and PM. These weapons will come with unique mods, opening up new possibilities for players to explore and strategize.

The August wipe will bring a considerable rebalance of quests and an overhaul of the recoil mechanics. Additionally, there will be balancing changes to the mechanics of armor, damage, and movement. These changes aim to provide all players with a more balanced and fair playing field.

The roadmap also teased the arrival of a new boss, further enriching the game’s PvE aspect. Details about the new boss remain scarce, and fans are eager to uncover what Battlestate Games has in store.

A significant update that will add an extra layer of accomplishment to the game is the introduction of achievements. It will give players more objectives to strive for and add more depth to the gameplay. You can take a look at the complete Roadmap below:

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