Baldur’s Gate 3 is Now Available, Launch Trailer, and More

Six years in the making, Baldurs Gate 3 is finally here. The brainchild of the creators of Divinity: Original Sin 2, Baldur’s Gate 3 is a deeply immersive party-based RPG set in the familiar universe of Dungeons & Dragons. You can watch the official Launch trailer above.

The game offers an intriguing narrative, pitting your decisions against fellowship, betrayal, survival, sacrifice, and the allure of absolute power. With a mind flayer parasite planted in your brain, players must wrestle with mysterious abilities, deciding to resist or embrace the growing corruption.

Baldur’s Gate 3 allows you to choose from 12 classes and 11 races from the D&D Player’s Handbook, enabling you to craft your unique identity. There’s also an option to play as an Origin hero with a hand-crafted background or experience the Dark Urge, an entirely customizable Origin hero with exclusive mechanics and storyline.

In addition, the game supports multiplayer, enabling you to adventure online with up to four players. The replayability factor is high, with various narratives to explore and gameplay that rewards strategy.

Powered by the new Divinity 4.0 engine, Baldur’s Gate 3 offers unprecedented freedom to explore, experiment, and interact in a vibrant world packed with characters, threats, and deception. The game’s grand cinematic narrative pulls you closer to your feelings than ever before, enabling a more personalized experience.

The game features 31 subraces and 11 races, 46 subclasses branching out of the 12 classes, and over 600 spells and actions; the game offers near-limitless freedom of interactivity in a hand-crafted world where exploration is rewarded.

The game also caters to streamers, providing three different levels of streamer-friendly customization, with options to disable nudity and explicit content separately (or together) and the possibility to enable Twitch integration for audience interaction, streaming Baldur’s Gate 3 promises to be a smooth experience.

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