Counter-Strike 2 Premier Mode and How Your Rating Will Decide Your Rank

The upcoming competitive world of Counter-Strike 2 has always been a topic for many players ready to hop on the grind. The introduction of the Premier Mode to CS2 will bring a new flair to the game. However, how your rank gets determined remained a mystery until now.

Thanks to the relentless detective work of the ThourCS, we now have a more in-depth understanding of the enigmatic CS2 Rating for Premier Mode.

Breaking Down The Numbers

Premier Mode presents players with 7 Maps and a corresponding 7 Ranks. The rating system operates on a scale between 0 to 3499 (or for ease of understanding, 0 to 34.99). This range allows players to know where they fit within the CS hierarchy.

  • First, the remappedRating gets calculated. This is done by taking your “rating,” dividing it by 100, and then subsequently dividing it by 5.
  • The resulting number undergoes a transformation to produce the clampedRating. This value essentially represents the remappedRating, ensuring it fits between 0 and 6.

To illustrate this process, ThourCS provided a clear example:

For a player with a “rating” of 2250:

  1. Rating = 2250
  2. remappedRating = Math.floor(2250 / 100.00 / 5) = Math.floor(4.5) = 4
  3. clampedRating = Math.max(0, Math.min(4, 6)) = 4

Thus, a player boasting a 2250 rating would be seated at the 5th Rank. It’s vital to remember that in code terms, we commence from 0. Hence, 4 translates to (4+1) = 5th Rank, splendidly titled Rarity-Legendary.

Diving Deeper: SplitRating Function

The SplitRating function breaks down your rating even further into two components: the major and minor rating. Using our earlier example of 2250 (or 22.50 in fractional form), 22 becomes the major value, and 50, the minor one.

These segregated values contribute significantly to deciding the visual emblem and the rank design you get to flaunt in the Premier Mode Rating. Whether you’re in the game’s Premier menu or on the scoreboard, these emblems are the symbols of your dedication and prowess in the game.

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