Dark and Darker Set to Launch Today Despite Ongoing Legal Tussles

Dark and Darker’s controversy continues. Despite a looming legal battle with game publisher Nexon, Ironmace’s game is set for a surprise launch today. But since the legal fight is not over yet, buying the product is unsafe, and the purchase is entirely at your risk.

To provide some background, followed a series of controversies, including a cease and desist letter and a DMCA takedown notice from Nexon and removal from Steam, Ironmace Studio had encouraged fans of Dark and Darker to participate in the game’s playtest by torrenting it. Nexon’s contention arose from suspicions of stolen code and assets, further fueled by half of Ironmace’s development team being former Nexon employees.

Today, Dark and Darker’s official Twitter account hinted at a potential launch, surprising everyone, saying: “Dark and Darker is BACK in a few hours.

Moreover, OnePeg, a known Twitch streamer, has added further fuel to the fire. In a recent video, OnePeg revealed his conversation with the CEO of Ironmace Games, who confirmed that the game is launching today. OnePeg dives deeper into the game mechanics and shares insights on what players can expect, especially in the highly anticipated dungeon runs.

For those eager to get their hands on the game, it’s already listed and available on Chafgames.

Dark and Darker operates as a medieval fantasy-based extraction multiplayer RPG, where players delve into dungeons, battling AI enemies and other player parties. One of its standout features is the perma-death mechanic, meaning that if a player’s character dies in the dungeon, they must restart their journey.

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