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Dota 2 August 11 Patch Notes

Valve has released a new Dota 2 update today. This hotfix addresses issues caused by the latest 7.34 update. The complete changelog can be found below:

Dota 2 August 11 Patch Notes

Over the last few days, we’ve addressed several gameplay issues:

  • Fixed Captain’s Mode pick order display
  • Fixed some regressions of 7.33e changes
  • Removed references in the Glossary to Outposts granting XP
  • Fixed the locations mentioned in Outpost Captured messages
  • Fixed and clarified various tooltips
  • Fixed Alchemist not being able to grant Aghanim’s Scepter to Lone Druid’s Spirit Bear
  • Fixed an issue where Elder Titan Astral Spirit would keep flying without stopping when casting Echo Stomp
  • Fixed Lifestealer level 25 talent not granting bonus damage
  • Fixed Lone Druid’s Spirit Bear not respecting auto-attack settings
  • Fixed Lone Druid’s Spirit Bear not being able to be switched to with Tab
  • Fixed Lone Druid’s Spirit Bear not gaining strength from Power Treads
  • Fixed Lone Druid’s Spirit Bear illusions not gaining bonus attack damage from Lone Druid’s level
  • Fixed Lone Druid’s Spirit Bear Fetch piercing Debuff Immunity when it should not be able to
  • Fixed Lone Druid Spirit Link mistakenly healing the Spirit Bear
  • Fixed Phantom Assassin level 25 talent +7% Coup de Grace Crit Chance not working
  • Fixed Timbersaw level 15 Whirling Death Stat Loss talent having no effect on universal heroes
  • Fixed the initial attack from Witch Doctor Death Ward not piercing debuff immunity
  • Fixed Zeus shard toggle state being reset on death (but still showing as toggled on)
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