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Dota 2 August 9 Patch Notes

Following the recent release of patch 7.34, Dota 2 has been suffering from a couple of issues for which Valve swiftly acted to get rid of them. In today’s update, the developer fixed plenty of heroes and mechanics.

Dota 2 Update – 8/9/2023

Since the release of 7.34 we’ve addressed several gameplay issues:

  • Fixed an issue where issuing an alt-cast order while out of range and then changing alt-cast mode could result in the wrong variant of the ability being cast
  • Fixed Holy Locket + Midas not working with Bad Juju
  • Fixed Midas cooldowns being independent of each other
  • Fixed an issue with Ninja Gear where it could apply smoke to allies while Phase Boots was active
  • Fixed Revenant’s Brooch not showing passive attack speed bonus in the item description (this was only a display issue, attack speed bonus was always applied)
  • Fixed Smoke of Deceit modifier not showing speed bonus and visibility radius on the client.
  • Fixed various issues in glossary, tooltip, and patch note text
  • Fixed missing description on Alchemist Corrosive Weaponry
  • Fixed Anti-Mage Counterspell Ally being castable on enemies
  • Fixed Beastmaster level 15 movespeed aura talent not working properly
  • Fixed Beastmaster Call Of The Wild Hawk not behaving properly when dominated
  • Fixed Brewmaster illusions always being in Earth Stance
  • Fixed Centaur Hoof Stomp proccing magic stick on spell cast, rather than stomp being applied
  • Fixed Centaur Hoof Stomp not being interrupted when stunned/silenced/hexed/etc.
  • Fixed Crystal Maiden Crystal Clone Frostbite not lasting for creep duration on creeps
  • Fixed Doom level 25 talent (Doom now mutes) not working
  • Fixed an issue where Drow Multishot ceased firing too early
  • Fixed Elder Titan not being able to toggle the Alt Cast ability on Echo Stomp after cast
  • Fixed Invoker Wex cooldown reduction being multiplicative instead of additive
  • Fixed Juggernaut Level 20 talent lifesteal not working properly
  • Fixed Spirit Bear illusions triggering backlash damage on Lone Druid
  • Fixed missing Spirit Link visuals with Lone Druid Scepter
  • Fixed Meepo Earthbind having infinite range
  • Fixed Morphling Morph illusion not properly removing abilities at the end of the illusion’s lifetime
  • Fixed Morphling Morph illusion taking and giving and extra 100% damage
  • Fixed Morphling Morph Scepter not properly using Lil’ Shredder charges when replicating Snapfire
  • Fixed a crash when Morphling replicates Slark
  • Fixed Ogre Magi’s multicast of Midas consuming multiple charges.
  • Fixed Phantom Assassin Deadly Focus buff being purgable
  • Fixed Phantom Assassin Deadly Focus buff being sometimes lost on missed or canceled attacks
  • Fixed Puck’s Aghanims Scepter Dream Coil not hitting units that have invisibility, even if they are visible to Puck
  • Fixed Rubick being able to steal Reality and getting Haunt as a result
  • Fixed Dark Ascension resetting itself and other ultimate abilities when stolen by Rubick
  • Fixed some joint issues with Tidehunter’s Dead in the Water chain
  • Fixed Tusk still displaying Frozen Sigil in the ability list in some places
  • Fixed Warlock imps being spawned inside of each other/impassable terrain
  • Fixed Weaver shard Geminate attacks not applying on-attack modifiers
  • Fixed Witch Doctor Death Ward Scepter bounce shots not being pure damage
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