Escape From Tarkov Cheaters Rise Again After Huge Ban Wave

For many dedicated Escape From Tarkov players, the massive ban wave issued by Battlestate Games was a much-welcomed relief. It was a clear signal that the developers were listening and were set on purging cheaters from the game. However, the peace was short-lived. Cheating incidents are on the rise again; this time, they seem more sophisticated and harder to pin down.

Notable players and streamers have been particularly vocal in combating the cheaters. Among the most prominent is Pestily, a revered figure in the EFT community. After the vast ban wave, the report he received said that approximately 50% of his in-game deaths are attributed to cheaters. You can find the information by Pestily on the subreddit thread below:

Around 50% of Pestily’s deaths are cheaters
by u/xToxicInferno in EscapefromTarkov

Aside from the sheer thrill of it, one of the significant reasons for cheating in EFT is the lucrative world of actual money trading (RMT). Some players exploit the game mechanics to gain valuable in-game items they sell for real money. EFT’s intricate and player-driven economy opens up a black market where in-game assets translate to real-world cash. For these cheaters, the potential profit far outweighs the risk of a ban.

But how do these cheaters bounce back so quickly after being banned? The answer lies in hardware id spoofing. By manipulating their system’s hardware numbers, these players can trick the game into thinking they’re playing on a different machine. This tactic allows them to sidestep automated bans and re-enter the game, often with the same cheating tools they used previously.

Battlestate Games faces a constant challenge: evolving and updating their anti-cheat measures while cheaters find new ways to bypass them. It’s a never-ending cat-and-mouse game, with both sides continuously adapting.

The rise in cheating after a significant ban wave underscores the need for constant vigilance from both developers and the player community. While it’s easy to feel disheartened by the resurgence of cheaters, the combined efforts of a dedicated community and a responsive developer team can help tip the balance in favor of fair play.

Escape From Tarkov is more than just a game. The commitment of its players to ensure a cheat-free environment, coupled with the developers’ ongoing efforts, is crucial. The fight against cheating is far from over, but with unity and determination, the spirit of fair play can prevail.

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  1. Quit posting stupid shit like this. the devs do nothing about the cheaters or fix the anti cheat. they use the cheapest thing they can find like battle eye and here we are again after one week of the new wipe and the cheaters are back in 75-80% of all of your raids. AGAIN

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